Let us tell you a story …

It’s the story of how five daring writers bravely set off on a daunting mission. We each vowed to write a whole new novel in just five months. But the story of our quest hasn’t been written yet, because we only sealed this literary pact on September 5, 2012.

So, consider this “page one” of our self-made reality show script.

We want to invite you along as we blog (and slog) our way toward those magic words The End. D-Day is February 5, 2013.

We’ve been working together as a critique group for a couple of years, and brought five novels into the world along the way (check out our profiles on this site). Yet we all felt the need for a shake up to renew our excitement about the writing life. And what adds suspense, tension and intensity to a story? Yup. A ticking clock.

That’s how 5 Writers 5 Novels 5 Months was born.

But wait, there’s more! Because this is actually a one-year challenge. The real fun starts when we pass each other our first drafts in February. We’ll have two months to read the manuscripts, then (deep breath) attend a big retreat to deliver the critiques. By April we’ll be in rewrite mode and working on our marketing strategies. Agents, be forewarned.

Which of the fearless five will sell their novels by September 5, 2013? We’re aiming for all five. But then, we are crazy (you already knew that).

We know we can count on great support from each other on this formidable journey. But we’d love to have you in our cheering section. We’ll do our best to entertain you.

Stay tuned.

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