The getting-started brainfreeze

Silk’s Post #1  In the real world, I’m looking at my computer screen. And my cluttered desk, which is calling me to tidy things up before I get started. And out the window at my cat Zane stalking a vole. (The vole will not be of this world for long and I silently wish him well in vole Valhalla).

But in the inner world of my writer’s mind, I’m looking towards the peak of the mountain from the plain below. It’s Everest.

This desk is where I’ll be spending a lot of time over the next five months. Ergonomic nightmare. I’ll probably be visiting my friendly office furniture dealer, or alternatively my physiotherapist, before long.

See the calendar looming over my desk? It’s not my friend. What possessed me to add this whole separate writing challenge – a first blogging attempt – to the crushing schedule of writing a novel in five months? Instead of working on plot and structure over the past week, I’ve been stumbling my way around the strange landscapes of WordPressland. I’m already falling behind.

Okay, I’ll stop whining.

I glance at my writer’s bookshelf. I’ve practically cleaned out the Amazon titles on how to write right. Donald Maass, James Scott Bell, Hallie Ephron, Bob Mayer, Noah Lukeman, Brenda Ueland, Jessica Morrell, Christopher Booker – even Margaret Atwood. All their voices are in my ear. Like my Dad calling out advice behind me the first time I tried to ride my bike after he’d taken the training wheels off.

“Pump! Pump! Hold the handlebars straight! Look ahead!”

I’m zig-zagging my way down Hill Lane, loose gravel spraying, heart banging. I can hear him but what he’s saying doesn’t register. Too much to think about at once, and I’m … wobbling … tipping … falling … wait, no, going straight now. Upright. Pump, pump … now I get it. I’m down the street, turning the corner, wind in my face. Wheeee!

Well, that’s what I hope will happen. However you look at it, it’s gonna be an uphill ride. Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “The getting-started brainfreeze

  1. Hi Silk…I know exactly how you feel…the need to get everything tidy and sorted before you start. I have been waiting to start things all my life.
    But here’s the catch: there is no end to the things that need tidying and sorting…so just start anyway.
    Sending you strength and courage to just leave your desk the way it is.
    Love ya!

  2. Silk, just get the words down. This is a rough draft, and it, by the law of the writer, is required to be a piece of dog pile. The important thing is to start putting words down and keep putting them down until the story is done. THEN go back and revise, edit, clean up. Once the words are on the paper, you’re golden. You CAN do it. You will do it. Go for it – let the desk be a mess, let the cat eat the vole, let the world go by (remember to turn off your phone.), just keep the tea/coffee coming, and get the words down.

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