Word association

Real dog foodKaralee’s Post #2 — I’m always amazed at word association. While making dinner the other night, there was a dog commercial boasting real chicken in their food. I couldn’t help but laugh. Why wouldn’t it be real? What’s wrong with society when food is not longer real, and when it is we need to advertise it?

Then I wondered what unreal chicken would be. A bunch of ugly pictures came to mind, nothing fluffy like a baby chicken with two heads or anything.

I kept associating, letting my mind go. And by the way, the onions on the stove got sautéed to a deep brown-almost-black, but in a casserole no one really knows what the scoop is, right? Are the onions really there? Growing up, my children had homemade soups and casseroles and they never really knew how many real vegetables were pureed in their food.

It’s like a mystery. Everything there for all to see, yet hidden in all the details and clues; the first sixty pages or so that introduce the characters and plant the clues in plain sight; the muddled middle that’s all about pacing; and the climactic ending that leaves the author tingling at the joy that everything came together as though the story really could be real.

My mind kept wandering. What can happen that seems impossible but ends up being real?

Presto: a plotline is born.

But I won’t tell you.

Thank-you dog food company that I can’t remember the name of because obviously that wasn’t what caught my attention.

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