On the first day, Joe created…

Joe Post #3

Next week, I’m gonna have to start a page count.  Silk’s arithmetic cannot be ignored forever.  Nearly a month has gone by and it’s time for me to work harder at getting words on a page.

But first, I have to start with world building.  If I’m writing thriller fiction, research comes hot on the heels of creating characters.  I have to know my guns, how much blood is in a body, who operates the 911 phones, what shoes beat cops wear.  But when it comes to writing a YA fantasy, I look to the brilliant demi-goddess, JK Rowlings.  I have to spend time to make sure that my world is as real, as authentic, as engaging (if not more) than ours.

With Desert Rains, (my thriller), I traveled down to the High Desert of California to get all my location details right.  With his story, I have to invent a world, breathe life into it, populate it with people in the present and the past, and create everything from the clouds to the worms in the soil.

GRR Martin did his world building by borrowing heavily from our own mythology, like the knights of Europe (the Houses) or the Dothraki (the Mongols,) and then adds his own spicy mix of magic and outstanding characters.

Trust me, this is no easy thing.  Where do you start?  What comes first?

Being a geek, I look to create a map.  From my geography, realms are borne, from the realms, people, and from the people history, customs, wants, hates, castles, villages, lost ruins, borders, conflict, war, devastation, a world in peril, a world in need of young heroes to save it.

I steal from the world we live in and twist it to suit my needs.  I steal from mythology and mold into something I can use.  I haul people and places and events from history and splatter them into my world.

It’s what any good god has to do, isn’t it?

By the end of next week, an outline will be done.

Consider this the outline of an outline.

2 thoughts on “On the first day, Joe created…

  1. I’m reading all of them – just haven’t got the energy to comment on each of you individually – sleep is taking over as I heal up – but I’m rooting for each and every one of you. I know you can do it, and I’m really looking forward to reading these 5 novels. I will want autographs!

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