The facts of life

Ok, Detective Joe Friday here.  Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.

Sunday: Sent off novel to Harper-Collins.  Excited.  Exhausted.  580 pages reworked.  150 pages deleted.  30 odd new scenes written.   Old book, though.  Pages don’t count.

Monday:  Did math in head.  Can still get a book done by Feb.  Finished world map.  Bought big sheets of paper for brainstorming.  Had pie.  Liked pie.  Had more pie.

Tuesday: Brainstormed my brains out.  Used Don Maass’ book. Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.  Used mindmapping.  Ate more pie.   Ate aspirin.  Took dog for a walk and talked to myself.  “Oh, a tree, she has to arrive atop a tree!”  Thought about plot.  Thought about character.  Bought sticky notes.

Wednesday:  Sticky notes not sticking to wall.  Hmm.  Cleaned off desk.  Wrote scene notes on stickies.  Ate pie.  Looked at writing doomsday clock.  Curled into fetal position.  Wished I had more pie.  Sticky notes piling up, spreading out.  Found sticky note on crotch.  Not sure why I put that there.

Thursday:  Outline of outline will be finished.  Friday – writing begins.

Page count 0.

2 thoughts on “The facts of life

  1. Oh, Joe – fingers, toes and eyes crossed for the subbed novel! Eat something healthier than pie. Just remember to save some room for pie. And pi. Rooting for you with all (well, almost all) the energy I have! Go, go, go. you can do it. Eating healthy will stimulate the brain. That way you either won’t stick sticky notes on your crotch or you’ll remember why you did. Go get ’em!

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