Pie chart confessions

Silk’s Post #9 — Since I spilled my guts on the subject of War last night (unintentially proving how easily I’m diverted off the track of my still-gestating story), I’ll keep this Monday morning post short and sweet.

Yes, I confess to the habitual sin of not putting my novel at the top of my list every morning. Oh, it’s always there in my to-do’s. But it’s always in the ‘as soon as’ category. As soon as I finish my paid writing for Client X. As soon as I finish my volunteer writing for Organization Y. As soon as I get at least the worst clumps of cat hair off the floor. As soon as I get back from the gym.  As soon as I call my friends who just got whacked by Hurricane Sandy. As soon as I pay the bills. As soon as I take that slip for blood work to the lab, the one that’s been sitting on my counter for three weeks. As soon as I do something edible with the fresh apples from our orchard, now starting to wither in a basket in the basement.

I know! I’ll make some pies for the freezer.

Characters created to date: 12

Backstory concocted: probably too much

Locations researched and described: 6

Plot figured out: beginning, middle, end

Outline completed: 0% – I’ve determined I’m a NOP

Scenes envisioned: not enough to get to the middle

Scenes written: 1

Pies eaten this week: 0

Pies made this week: 12

Today I’m going to go bake and eat some pie. As soon as I get a couple thousand words written.


3 thoughts on “Pie chart confessions

  1. Oh Silk, those pies look fantastic. I didn’t know we had a master baker in our group in addition to the master writer that you surely are.

  2. I agree with bevcooke, especially if you know where you’ll end up. Get a good beginning going and the story will get its claws into you and pull you where you need to go. I’m a NOP myself. If you’re outlining, you’re acting like a planner, and not letting the story lead you.

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