Life without B

Karalee’s Post #10

elieve me, the est of intentions can ecome ogged down by keyoard prolems.

(Believe me, the best of intentions can become bogged down by keyboard problems.)

Now that you understand my problem I won’t continue the rest of this blog post with the missing ‘B’. But I can assure you that although there is no ‘B’ in productivity, the latter is severely hindered without functioning tools. And I became very conscious of how many words have a ‘B’ in them.  For instance:

  • But, before, begin, because, be, become, below, born, by, believe, became…
  •  syllable, symbol, constable, disability, horrible, vulnerable, liable, hobble, habit…

It started last week. I couldn’t log onto my computer as my password had a ‘B’ in it. I even called my computer geek husband in Edmonton where he was visiting his family to see if he had changed my password. I was frustrated and I hit the keys harder on my keyboard as I was talking to him and like Fonzie in Happy Days I was suddenly logged in.

Now able to work  again, I began writing another scene, but when I read what I’d written the sentences didn’t make sense. The problem was easy to decipher; every frigging ‘B’ was missing.

Life without ‘B’ sucks.

I did the usual try-to-fix-it stuff like popping off the letter and cleaning it out, blowing the heck out of the spot to dislodge dust or crumbs that had settled there. All to no avail. Computer geekiness runs in the family (male side) so  I talked to my son that works at UBC’s help desk( sorting out computer problems for the Arts faculty) and he reassured me that the keyboard needed replacing.

It would cost more than my ancient hard-working worn-out Compaq computer was worth.

I kept trying to work, albeit with constant “interruptitis”. I became very conscious about what the missing ‘B’ means to a writer and I wondered what something else missing might mean in other circumstances. For instance:

  • A pianist without a ‘B’ key
  • A carpenter without a measuring tape
  • Driving a car in the rain without windshield wipers
  • A gardener without a shovel
  • Joe without pie

To say the least, it would make life challenging and difficult to do a proper job.

I soon discovered that if I hit the ‘B’ key hard enough the letter would insert, but with regular typing it didn’t. So I started banging my left index finger down when I reached for the ‘B’, but then I’d have to stop to make sure the letter ‘B’ had inserted properly.

I hobbled along trying to get work done and juggled with the idea of going back to the horse-and-cart days and put pen-to-paper. But then I’d have to type it all into my computer later, so productivity would be hindered either way.

Thank goodness my husband had a head start on my birthday gift (I’m a December baby – note two ‘B’s). My computer had started to become slower over the last few months and I was still using Windows XP and MS Office 2003, so he had already purchased a new Dell for me.

And gave it to me early.

Thank you so much.

Life with a ‘B’ is much better.

And may the ‘B’ in birthday and on my new keyboard have a long life.

Now back to work….

5 thoughts on “Life without B

  1. Just finished “Survivor” on your recommendation – now awaiting Your novel !!!I also have a Dec. birhtday. Without the B does it ecome an earthday??
    Keep up the good work.

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