What dreams may come

Joe’s Post #11 — Writers have the unique privilege of saying they’re working no matter what they’re doing.

Reading a book… working! Browsing the internet… working! Sitting at a café staring out into the world… working!!! (and yes, that is a picture of me drinking coffee if any women are reading this.)

But there is another place where we do our work. Under the covers. At night. With the lights off.


Sure. Dreaming is a vital part of being a writer (well, so is sleeping or drinking wine, but stay with me…) I believe all of us dream, though not all of us remember our dreams. Remembering them or not, they help us writers unlock things from our murky subconscious. Character details. Exotic locations. Plot flaws.

So, like a lot of writers, I therefore keep a notebook beside my bed for those moments when I wake up with something awesome.

Sure I end up writing things like “socks and sandals.” (I know I was having a nightmare about wearing socks and sandals, but I have no idea why I woke up and thought that was important). Or “Vegas riding a horse.” Or “The Taj Mahal is blue.”

But there was also, “Need to show ranger in action, not just talk about it.” “Mention hatred of heat earlier.” “Dammit, I forgot about the backpack again.” “Mother should be beautiful.”

Nonsense to anyone reading it, but meaningful to me, helping me realize either mistakes I’ve made or ways to make my story better.

But, in some very special cases, I also get a story idea from my dreams.

Lou Rains meets 50 Shades of Grey. I won’t go into details since this is not a porn site, but it gave me a pretty cool idea for another book.

So, sure going for a walk is working, sure watching a good movie is working, sure, driving is working, but if you really want to accomplish something as a writer…


Pages Written to Date: 220

Books on Writing read: 1 (James Scott Bell – Plotting)

Number of awesome friends visited this week: 12

Number of friends who gave me pie: 0

5 thoughts on “What dreams may come

  1. You said a mouthful, Helga. I’m so hoping to discover that I’ve written my whole book in my mind while asleep, and that all I have to do now is type. Thank god I’m a fast typer.

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