How come

Joe Update #12

thinkingHow come it’s always more exciting for me to think about the next project than that one I’m working on?

How come I write better with coffee than without?

How come I forget things that I’ve already written? (this week, I forgot a character in a scene, yup, completely forgot about her.)

How come I’ve become hyper critical of the writing in movies and books? I mean, what happened to just enjoying it and not being driven mad by poor character development or backstory in the wrong place?

How come I still get lead and led mixed up?

How come I love reading books more than watching TV?

How come there are 2 ways of counting words, the word count on WORD or the 250 words per page way of counting?

How come George Lucas is a zillionaire when he created Jar-Jar Binks?

How come I can’t write at all when I’m partially drunk? Hey, Hemingway did it, why can’t I?

How come I have panic attacks each time I send out a query?

romanceHow come I have an easier time writing action than romance? Is that a guy thing?

How come all the romance heroes have chests like this picture?

How come if I write 6 pages in a day, I feel down on myself, but if I write 10, I’m all whoohoo? The difference is only 4 pages!

How come I edit better when I print something out than when I look at it on the screen?

How come I love it so much when someone has actually read something I wrote? Am I really such a narcissist?


Pages to date: 250

Bottles of wine drunk: 1

Books finished this week: 1 (others’, not mine)

Number of christmas presents bought: 0

Number of queries sent out this week: 1

5 thoughts on “How come

  1. So many unanswered questions! Loved your post. You’ve got me thinking that you’ve switched to wine and may start working out to look like the romance guy in the picture. Maybe you should revert back to pies and get out and do your Christmas shopping?? 🙂
    Congrats on your page count. I WISH 6 pages came my way every day.

    • Oh, Karalee, if I could do 6 pages EVERY day, I would be happy. Some days, I get 0 done due to life’s complications. But when I get 0 pages done, it’s no wonder I’m not happy with that output.

  2. How come you make me laugh so much? Joe, you need to read the online comic at about writing (only now it seems to be called “content creation”, a horrible moniker that sounds like something an engineer came up with). I put a link on our 5 writers FB page. Really. Go there now and read it. You’ll laugh your face off!

  3. And a lot more than you and Hemingway! Must have something to do with shedding inhibitions when people are soused. My problem is I do most of my writing before noon, so getting drunk usually doesn’t work for me. Maybe I have to switch to evenings. Great post!

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