Today’s word is… Halfway


Paula’s Post #17 – Today’s word is “Halfway”.

Have you ever used a word all your life but never actually looked it up in the dictionary? Well, for me, one such word is ‘Halfway’. A word I’m fairly certain I’ve never looked up before tonight. An innocuous little word, the meaning seemingly so well,  self-evident. Hardly worth looking up at all. (Yawn). Just a formality, really.

Halfway:  adjective \ˈhaf-ˈwā,

Definition: midway between two points.

Hey… wait a minute!! Did you see that list of a synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms: deficientfragmentalfragmentaryhalfincompletepartial


Ugh. That hurts.


Really? I’m not liking this. Not one bit.

In fact, I’m inclined to stomp off in a huff and forget all about finishing this blog post. Except I wouldn’t want to get a reputation for not finishing things, and besides:

If it’s Tuesday, this must be Belgium.

Wait, that’s not right.That’s the title of a movie. Or maybe it was a book first and someone made it into a movie? Anyway, I know you’ll laugh, but for lovers of arcane trivia, I’m  probably amongst the 0.5% of my demographic who knows the star of that movie was none other than Suzanne Pleshette of The Bob Newhart Show fame.

Am I proud of my vast wealth of knowledge?

Well, we must wait and make that the subject of a future post. Because this one needs to be short. Really short. And besides, because I’m one of the geekiest people on the face of this earth I know that If it’s Tuesday This must be Belgium has nothing to do with If it’s Tuesday, this must be Monday Night, (as is always the case in my 5writers, alternate universe, since my “Tuesday” blog post is always written sometime before midnight on Monday night).

So, time for me to put pen to paper, metaphorically speaking, and tap out “Paula’s Post” for the 17th time. Week sixteen of our 5writers challenge.But I need to hurry because, sorry, I don’t have time for this today. Really, I don’t, since, you guessed it, I’m only halfway. At least according to the entirely arbitrary, 100,000 word target  I’ve set for the young adult novel I’ve vowed to finish in just 5 months. Er, I mean one month.

OMG!!!!  That’s one half to be done in one fifth the time. I’m sure there’s a fraction to express that, but I don’t have time to figure it out. I need to write!

In her post yesterday, my 5writers colleague Silk alluded to the many obstacles preventing us all from getting words on paper. Amen! One such obstacle is the obligation we’ve made to one another to each take our ‘turn’ writing a weekly blog post. five writers, five posts each week.

Only today did it actually occur to me that, since September 5th, my ‘word count’ for this blog about writing my novel may actually equal or surpass the ‘word count’ for the draft of my novel.

Hmm. That’s not good.

But don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. I like writing blog posts and I suspect most of my 5writers colleagues do as well. We’re writers, after all. Sometimes, just letting loose with a little stream-of-consciousness prose is a nice, cathartic change from plot, plot, plotting, or  remembering to put conflict in every sentence, in every paragraph, on every page. or ensuring that our characters move and speak and emote and, well, you get the picture.

But honestly, I’ve got to cut this short and shovel some words elsewhere. My manuscript is like a smouldering fire, crying out to be fed. So I’ll cut to the chase and dish up this week’s “reveal” for all who are keeping count:

Pie’s eaten this week – 0

Airplanes rides this week – 2

Airports visited this week – 3

Golf balls lost this week – 4 with an explanation.

Target Word Count:    100,000

Progress to Date:          54,314

Words short of Target:  45,686

Pages Written to Date:  195

Target Page Count:       400

Pages short of Target.   205

Oh my! I’m not really sure why, but if you look at page count, instead of the word count, I’m not even ‘halfway’.

5 thoughts on “Today’s word is… Halfway

  1. By gosh and by golly – Halfway there? You must be kidding! If I didn’t know you any better I’d think you are bragging, Paula. You’ll leave some of us eating dust. The stuff your high horse is kicking up as you gallop towards The END 😉 But seriously, I marvel at your discipline. And with the holidays and family visits behind you, the second half will almost write itself.

  2. LOL, it’s hard to believe that being only ‘halfway’ when we are almost at the end deserves any kind of bragging rights, but I’m happy to accept all encouragement. January is going to be ‘interesting’.

  3. Take heart Paula … I’m pretty sure you will still be far ahead of my page count when the alarm clock goes off and we’re all supposed to drop tools. No that’s wrong. I’m TOTALLY sure, not pretty sure. We do need to have a group conversation about what one is to do with an incomplete book on Feb 5th!

  4. Send it out! Complete or incomplete! That’s my vote, otherwise what is the point of having a ticking clock deadline. We will love you either way and if it is not done, you can finish it after February 5th. The point is to push the ‘send’ button at midnight on February 5th. Don’t forget, we’re ‘pretending’ that our book is due in our editors’ hands at the Cinderella hour.

  5. I’m in awe of all of you, writing and blogging about writing. No, wait, I think you’re all nuts, or maybe I’m in awe of your lunacy. My last job before retiring was a research and writing job, and it would have been a dream come true, except that I was writing to a deadline, which changed it back from fun to work. If I also had to blog about the work I was doing, I’d have retired sooner, or started drinking. That you’re doing this voluntarily means that you’re either all heroes, or need involuntary committment and serious therapy. ;-/

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