Time management and social media

Karalee’s Post #17

facebooklinkInBefore our 5Writer’s challenge I was on Facebook and had a Twitter and LinkedIn account, but I rarely participated in either. Email was my main non-face-to-face source of interaction with my outside world, and I was finding even that interfering with my writing productivity.

So how has becoming exponentially more involved with social media affected me? Initially it seemed to consume most of my writing time as I climbed the learning curve to create my blog posts and to increase awareness of what we were doing through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

For me the initial flurry into the social media realm died down as I focused on seriously working on my project, and other than producing my weekly blog, I didn’t get involved much. Then, maybe because my husband is so patient in encouraging me to “keep in touch” and “build my followers,” I kept peeking at my Twitter feed.

twitterI even started to push the links and see what other people were up to.

And I’m finding that other people’s blogs are very interesting and informative and encouraging.

Now I am also hyper-aware of the time that reading everyone else’s blogs can take and I’ve been quite skeptical about how important it is to be “in touch with the world” and to be “followed,” so I find myself quite surprised at taking to Twitter. What I’m finding useful is:

  • It is fairly quick to sort through.  Now that I’m familiar with some people and I want to read more of what they have to say, it’s easy to scroll through the Twitter feed and recognize that person’s picture.
  • The links are right there in the Twitter feed, making reading on the subject easy.
  • Retweeting is one button to push and it doesn’t really hurt to push it. At first I was hesitant to send a tweet on, but then realized that many of the interesting blogs I was reading were from other people’s retweets.
  • There are so many tweets flying by that if I miss something I no longer worry about it. More is coming.
  • And, because of the above realization, I’m spending only a few minutes on Twitter here and there. This social media doesn’t have to consume me. It’s for sharing information and if I miss something, it will be back. Often the same day. Multiple times! And to me that’s the one down side, as it can seem like too much of a good thing. But it’s a problem I can live with.

That said, our challenge is in its last month. My scenes aren’t multiplying as fast as I’d like, but I am quite pleased with how my story is unfolding.

Happy writing.

8 thoughts on “Time management and social media

  1. Hey Karalee – another great post on another topical topic. As you know social media kind of drive me crazy, and I’m more involved in it now than I’ve ever been. However I do subscribe to many interesting blogs and feeling obligated to read them regularly is rather oppressive. Between them and keeping up with email (especially after ignoring everybody over the holidays) it’s all I can handle. Linkedin I also like but if you want it can eat up a great deal of time. However I find it very useful for meeting and reconnecting with real people. That then requires the time and energy to follow up face to face. A good thing, but more pressure.

    • Bottom line is, it does eat into my productivity. I still haven’t figured out how to manage all of this so I envy your calm acceptance of it. And you’re writing a new novel with a deadline. Impressive!

  2. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to connect my blog with Twitter and Facebook. My posts are too long for Twitter, so I’ll also have to figureout what that means in practical terms. All suggestions and advice are welcome. I’m a slow learner when it comes to social media, but I get it eventually. My blog is at xenoseye.wordpress.com .

    • Haha. I’ve been able to cheat a lot since my husband knows how to connect everything together. It is enough for me to learn how to use the tools in a beneficial way rather than just a time user. Thanks for your comments and your blog address.

  3. Good insights Karalee. I’m still focused mostly on FB, but starting to reach out more on Linkedin. Twitter, not so much. For the next few weeks, I’m strenuously avoiding any new learning curves! But I know I have to jump in to the full spectrum of social media … eventually!

  4. FB is so successful because it’s hard to resist its siren call. Once I start looking at the damn thing I know I won’t get much else done. So I stopped looking.

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