Do you want to be branded?

London underground posterKaralee’s post #18 — A friend sent me this picture a couple of days ago. I had a great laugh and then I started thinking about why it was so funny even though the historical events really are quite tragic.

For most of us this picture evokes the events in our minds. The caption is humorous only because we are familiar with what happened. And, because we already know the story, all we need is a picture to recall it in its entirety. Now that is truly magical.

It’s a kind of branding, like Nike, Apple computers,  Starbucks, Mercedes, or Dole.

So, I wonder, can a writer be branded? You bet. Author names evoke their stories. Take Steven King, J.K. Rowling, Anne McCaffrey, PD James, Dick Francis… In fact, any author that a reader likes can be a “brand” to that reader. The mere mention of the author’s name can conjure up one or many of their stories.

Or, if not by  the author’s name, a character’s name can also bring to mind one or many of their stories. Take Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple, Harry Potter, etc.

Therefore, in the book world, there is more than one way to become known. It could be by your author name or by your character’s names (or both). Either way, the story has to be special to the reader in order for the reader to want to remember it.

And then of course, there is marketing. In today’s world marketing through social media seems to be an expectation even before one’s book is published. Blogging and twittering is becoming important. So as writers, not only do we have to have great stories and characters, we also have to be connected to our potential readership.

Well known authorsIf you are a writer you may want to ask yourself, are you becoming connected in preparation for publishing?

And on that note I’m cutting this short this week because our deadline is looming. And not one of the 5Writer’s can become a brand name without a story to tell.

I must admit, my story has fallen behind my timeline. No excuses. I’ve been doing work that needs to be done by putting in necessary hours on personal issues. My past is plaguing me and causing some havoc in my present, but I’m working through it. I need to. I am getting quite excited about my story, but with personal issues getting in the way of clear thinking, it is difficult for me to keep all the plot-lines lined up!

I will get to an end point, albeit a skeletal thin one. Not intended as a New Year Resolution to lose a few pounds like many of us make. That said, with good bones, the flesh can be added quickly, like eating chocolate &/or pies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Happy writing.

5 thoughts on “Do you want to be branded?

  1. It sounds though as if you got most of the 5writer’s project completed, Karalee. I believe this puts you at the head of the pack (the female one anyway). Awesome progress, especially while battling some personal stuff. And good for you to think marketing “as we prepare for publishing.” Love your optimism and confidence! Way to go.

  2. You raise a huge issue Karalee! Branding is a complex topic, one I spent many years learning and making a living at. I say it’s complex, but its essence is simple. At the heart of every brand is a promise that the provider makes to the consumer. It could be as objective as “I’ll deliver your pizza in 30 minutes,” or as subjective as “I’ll tell you a story that keeps you turning the pages.” Keep the promise and your brand gains in value. Break the promise and it’ll quickly become worthless. Wouldn’t we all love to become a recognized brand as writers!

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