Under deep cover


Helga’s Post #18 — Okay folks, this is my last post before our deadline Tuesday, February 5. Silk will post Monday, and  Paula will have the final say on D-day. After that, who knows what will happen. But I think we’ll ‘keep you posted’.

All of us have been way too busy to think about the ‘morning after’. When we wake up on Wednesday, bleary-eyed, maybe with a headache, maybe to a rainy day, or to sunshine (at least for one of our venerable members who is busy chasing golf balls in the desert), but for all of us with sunshine on our mind, if for no other reason than having been blinded from looking at the computer screen for so long. One thing is certain: I for one will be writing up to the last hour, wringing out every last minute to push the send button by 23:59:59 (Paula needs to stand corrected when she said in an earlier post we have to submit by 23:59).

So I will make this post short, guided by necessity.

Before we started our crazy challenge, our supportive critique group of 5 met faithfully once a month. We were intimately familiar with each other’s plot. We even had ownership of each other’s characters. Like living inside a bubble that housed five different worlds.

But when the challenge started, we were thrown into the deep end, forced to write in seclusion, without the accustomed feedback. The crutch we had come to rely upon had vanished. In fact, none of us knows squat about the stories we have been writing in those last 5 months. Our loyal blog followers know as much as we, the 5 writers do. Nobody knows what stories live under that rock. They are all under deep cover.

But while working on our novels has been solitary, we have stayed true to our collective effort, this blog. In a way, it’s the opposite of our novel writing, because it’s all out there, our souls bared in the bright spotlight of the web. And it’s a privilege to be a member ofthis motley crew, united in a single quest: to write a damn good story and get it out to the world.

Some of us will not have a finished manuscript by next Tuesday. But all of us will have a novel in the making, with the end not too far off.  Our passion for the craft of writing is evident from how this blog has evolved in the last five months. It is a documentary of our commitment as writers and to the readership we have developed. Maybe one of us will volunteer and produce an anthology of our musings. Maybe someone with a finished manuscript.

Out of curiosity I looked at the stats, and it’s fascinating to see our blogging results since the birth of this site, September 5.

So instead of giving you my personal page count and how many pages I am short (an astounding number), how many glasses of wine I consumed that I shouldn’t have (an even more astounding number), how many sleepless hours I spent mulling over which character gets killed and by whom, here are some crunchy blog statistics:

# of Blog Posts: 100

At an average of 1000 words (well, maybe that’s stretching it), that makes it the size of a full-fledged novel. An epic achievement

# of Blog Views as of today: 6,900

# of Comments from followers: 682

# of Spams: 3,327 ! (There are 112 comments from assorted weirdos in our spam queue right now.)

# of Images in our posts: 265

Most popular topic written about:  Writer’s Journey

The bottom line:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,900 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Thank you all for following our crazy journey. We hope to see you after D-day. Stick around.Logic-will-get-you-from-A-to-B.-Imagination-will-take-you-anywhere.-Albert-Einstein

5 thoughts on “Under deep cover

  1. Hi Helga,

    It’s been fun and illuminating to watch all five of you progress as each of you has found your voice in the 5 writer’s blog. Writing is, most often, a solitary experience. As husband of one of the five, I am still surprised and learn more about my darling wife of 30 years Karalee from her blog posts.

    As a blogger myself, I know that putting it out in public causes us to be vulnerable and take risks. Just as the 5 of you have done by this challenge.

    Now as Bev says, go, go, go!



  2. Thank you David for your encouragement. Yes, I too am amazed how much we have learned about each other and about ourselves.

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