‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’

Helga’s Post The Morning After

At 11:57, with three minutes to spare, my manuscript, or rather, work in progress, went into cyberspace on the way to my writing partner’s  in-box.

All but 128 pages and 26,200 words.

To put it into context, my target is 360 pages, or 90,000 words.  Far from being done. To explain: I decided to ditch my first novel halfway through. Couldn’t get passionate about it. So I was already way behind at that point, but that was only part of it. My story needs tons of research on a topic that is as foreign to me as learning to speak Swahili. A topic I never even liked at school: Science. In particular, biochemistry. So, for each hour of writing, I guess I had to do three hours of research. Maybe more. But once I committed to the plot I couldn’t stop that train.

I am determined to keep the pace going, which should get me to the finish line in a month. The second draft will take another month, and then I will put it aside for a while, like Joe. After that, it’s finding a home for the story. Marketing. Flooding cyberspace to get the word out.

And planning the next novel.

This has been an incredible experience for me and I can’t say it often enough: There is no way I could have done this without my writing partners. Thank you.

And a big thank you to all for sticking around.


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About Helga Bolleter

My friends know me as world traveler, fiction writer, music lover, passionate cook, ex-gardener and hopeless romantic. My glass is always half-full unless it’s a chilled NZ Sauvignon Blanc, in which case I can’t help myself.

5 thoughts on “‘Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked’

  1. Congratulations Helga! Incredibly brave to start over at the halfway mark. To get so close is an awesome achievement. Your book sounds so interesting, I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with. Bravo!

  2. Go Helga go! Don’t throw that old half-manuscript away. You never know, you may get reinspired about it after you finish your current book. Thanks for all your cheers along the way … I’m still far behind you but, like you, I think this process was fantastic. Mmmmwah!

  3. Given that you were halfway to deadline when you tossed the book out and started again, and you’re only 26,000 words from the end, I think you deserve huge congratulations! That’s amazing progress, Helga. Major cheering here!

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