We made it: the morning after the night before

Karalee’s Post #21 — I stayed up past midnight to ensure all of our group hit the ‘send’ button before the witching hour. I knew we all would.

Most people work best to a deadline. And that’s really what this challenge was all about. Can we work like an author needs to in order to be published?

Empty StageI went to see Diana Krall last night and before the show began the set-up reminded me that 5 months ago our group all started with an empty stage.

Now I have my manuscript plotted from start to finish, the chapters and scenes laid out in Scrivener (a great tool for organizing!) and most of the major scenes written. The muddled middle has come to light for me as I’ve gotten to know my characters better.

At the moment I feel more ramped up than finished, and I feel I need another month to complete the first draft and another couple of months to polish it.

That said, I’m now certain that I can have a polished product in eight or nine months from start to finish. To me that is exciting and rewarding. In actual words I’m half done (to date) but I’m feeling good about the story I’m writing and the progress I’ve made. Dealing with personal issues have slowed me down, but that’s life too. I’ve gotten to know myself better as a writer in the process as well.

There are many things I’ve learned, and I believe the following are necessary to be a successful fiction writer.

Ten attributes a fiction writer needs to create a story and be published:

  1. A fearless imagination that will take an idea to places that were once unfathomable
  2. The ability to CREATE and BE one’s characters in one’s mind. (A sane multi-personality complex)
  3. The ability to live in one’s fictitious world and at the same time exist in the real world. (this is debatable depending on the POV of the real people in the real world)
  4. To dedicate significant time to making things up
  5. To isolate oneself in order to dedicate significant time to making things up
  6. To be pro-active in learning the craft of writing and be open to input/criticism that improves your writing
  7. To connect with the real world and be pro-active in pursuing an agent or publisher (even when self-publishing you need to be educated on the process)
  8. Be active in self-marketing through social media. Even better, be proactive and be connected during the writing process. (It’s amazing the great blogs and support out there)
  9. To be able to finish a product to the best of one’s ability
  10. To be able to be productive to a deadline

That said, happy writing and rewriting! I’m looking forward to the next stage with our writing group.

How will we decide to critique all that has been written?

4 thoughts on “We made it: the morning after the night before

  1. Thanks for your list of necessary traits. I’m good on 1-6 and 9, need work on 7 & 8, but I never do my best stuff with a deadline hanging over me. That makes me write adequately, but not well.

    • A deadlines helps me with my productivity to get the job done. Thank goodness for the ability to also edit and improve afterwards. But then, that needs a deadline as well if one is to ever be ready to publish.
      Thanks for all your input during this process. I’m sure our blog will continue through the rewrite/publishing stages as well.

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