Joe on Joe

Joe-Interviewer: Is it just me, or does that title sound a little weird?

Joe-Writer: I hear ya.

Joe-Interviewer: Good to see you, again. You look even more handsome in person.

Joe-Writer: I get that a lot.

cooperJoe-Interviewer: You have the whole Bradley Cooper thing going on.

Joe-Writer: Ah, let’s not get carried away.

Joe-Interviewer: Right. So. You finished your novel. You must be excited.

Joe-Writer: You’d think so, but no, it needs to get out to my readers and then I’ll put it into a final draft.

Joe-Interviewer: Who will be your lucky ‘readers’?

Joe-Writer: I haven’t decided, yet. Being a YA novel, I may need to go to YA readers.

Joe-Interviewer: You mean go and hang out at a book store and ask kids if they want to read your novel?

Joe-Writer: If I want to get arrested, sure. Luckily, I know at least two people who’ll read my novel, two teenagers who aren’t afraid to give me their honest opinion.

Joe-Interviewer: That sounds scary.

Joe-Writer: You have no idea.

Joe-Interviewer: What about adults? Will you give any of them the book?

Joe-Writer: For sure. More than a couple have offered to read it.

Joe-Interviewer: So did you do anything to celebrate?

Joe-Writer: Nope. Finishing a novel is like finishing making a shoe. One shoe down, many more to go. I also realize how hard it is to sell that damn shoe so I no longer get excited about it.

Joe-Interviewer: Come on, it must have felt kinda good?

Joe-Writer: No question, it felt good to get it done so quickly, though, as I wrote before, I will work very, very hard on an outline next time and take that to someone I can brainstorm with. I had to toss out nearly 1/2 the novel by the time it was done.

Joe-Interviewer: Yikes! Is that normal?

Joe-Writer: For me, yes and that’s something I want to change.

Joe-Interviewer: So what was a typical writing day like for you? Up at 8, writing for 10 hours, no food or water or porn until midnight?

spaceJoe-Writer: It wasn’t like that. But the funny thing was when my laptop died, I had to clean out my office and that made a space for me to write. Having that space made it easier to set a routine. I found that if I did a chapter, then something else, (walk the dog, eat, watch Spartacus, laundry, whatever) then another chapter, then break, then another chapter, then break, I had my greatest success. On the last week, I was managing to get about 30 pages a day redone (most of which had to be written from scratch.)

Joe-Interviewer: So what’s next?

Joe-Writer: Queries. There seems to be some correlation between sending out queries and selling a book. Sadly, no agent has received my telepathic messages and contacted me about my novel so I’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way. Letters and emails.

Joe-Interviewer: You’ll query this book?

Joe-Writer: Not yet. I could, the first act is pretty solid in my humble opinion, but I’d like thoughts on the rest of the book before sending it off. Instead, I’ll start sending off queries for Desert Rains. Man, I still love that book. Best character I’ve ever created and I love the story.

Joe-Interviewer: Do you now?

Joe-Writer: Yup. I wish I could say it’s going to be easy, but queries are the hardest part for me. Sure I think it’s a great novel, but not everyone does (or my query just plain sucks) and then I have to deal with the rejections. Oh sure there are people out there who take rejection well. I do not, especially when it’s a form rejection. I just don’t know what I did wrong and it eats at me.

Joe-Interviewer: Boo hoo. Get it done.

Joe-Writer: Yup.

Joe-Interviewer: And what about the writers’ group?

Joe-Writer: I’d love to keep the blog going no matter what. I’d also love to get back to meeting more often. But this whole thing was a pretty cool exercise. It’s not as easy as you’d think to get a novel done in 5 months, but we all learned a lot by trying. Different genres, outlining, mind-mapping, even having the courage to toss a novel and start again, that’s all pretty cool stuff.

Joe-Interviewer: What’s next for everyone?

Joe-Writer: Wait and see, wait and see. Everyone seems super excited about their projects so I expect there’ll be more completed novels very soon.

Joe-Interviewer: Thanks for your time. Mind if I take your manuscript with me? I kinda want to read it.

Joe-Writer: No way. I don’t trust your opinion.

Queries sent out: 0

Books written in 2013: 1

Pies: 0

Turkey Dinners: 0


3 thoughts on “Joe on Joe

  1. Great post Joe. Got me thinking, maybe our challenge for 2013 should be to query and send out each other’s books. It is so hard to self promote, but we could have a contest – draw manuscripts from a hat, no one can get their own. I’m sure I’d have more fun sending out your book then my book!

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