Unexpected commitments


Paula’s Post #31 – This week, my post is short. Really short. A stark change from some of my earlier contributions.

Why you ask?

This week is all about the unexpected. Here’s the short list:

1. Career Twist

I’m in the midst of launching a new career in California, where we have a second home. With ‘the season’ winding down here in the desert, I figured all I’d need to do this month was sign up a few documents to get on board with my new office, HomGroup Sotheby’s International Realty. After all, most of the snowbirds are leaving for northern climes in the next few weeks, so my plan to start work on a marketing blitz in the latter part of the summer (after our 5writers retreat) seemed reasonable enough.


I forgot about the office meetings, the marathon orientation sessions, the global networking event in Los Angeles in early June, new colleagues who want me to come see their listings … oh, and let’s not forget new business attire, new haircut and make up for the ‘headshots’ I need to get done this week. (And no guys, sorry, ‘headshots’ has nothing to do with the modus operandi of a villainous contract killers).

2. Game, Set and Match

Did I mention I have trouble saying ‘no’?

Especially when it comes to helping out a friend. Especially when what said friend is asking me to do is something, well, fun?

This week was a big week at beautiful Rancho La Quinta. The Tennis Doubles Club Championship. I didn’t sign up to play because:

One, I’m not that good and,

Two, I’ve got quite a lot on my proverbial plate right now.

But when my friend Lura told me her intended partner wrenched her back and needed to withdraw, yes, you guessed it… Tigger once more into the breach dear friend.

Not a big commitment. Not really,  especially when I learned what little competition we faced at the lowly 3.0 rank. We’d only needed to play one, teeny tiny little match.

The finals. On Sunday. On Center Court.


I forgot about all the other distractions incumbent in this four day tournament: an opening cocktail party, watching my fellow competitors’ preliminary matches and stocking up on ice, advil and elbow braces before the big Sunday final.

Oh… did I mention the distraction of winning?

3) An Ill Wind that Blows no Good:

Giddy from the heady excitement of winning the Ladies Club Championship minutes earlier, Lura and I sat at the Tennis Club, sipping mimosa’s and waiting for my husband to return from the airport with my baby grand-daughter in tow. She and her parents were joining us for brunch. Perfect. Except out of the blue I felt a gentle breeze ripple across my flushed cheeks. Ahhh… most welcome after the exertion of the hard-fought tennis match.


by the time we’d ‘brunched’ and returned home for a little quality pool time, said gentle breeze had strengthened into well, a gale. And in the desert, that means sandstorm. By the time we awoke Monday morning, son-of-a-beach, the entire pool deck was covered with dust and a sandbar had miraculously appeared in my swimming pool. Somehow, I guess because of the air-conditioning ducts, dust was everywhere, even in the house. counters and coffee tables, floors and bed-linens, all coated with dust as fine as flour.


So, off to buy a shop-vac went my husband John. Happily, off to the office, went I.

Sometimes, it’s good to have other commitments.

4) Baby Face

When an adorale one year old baby enters your life for a week, something’s got to give. This week, my youngest grand-daughter is in town with her parents. My step-daughter and her husband are fabulous hands-on parents who attend to their darling daughter’s every need, and help out with the cooking as well. Perfect houseguests.


I forgot that having a baby in the house changes, well… everything. Schedules fly out the window. Plans change.  The kids are here until Saturday and once I get this blog post done, and my aforesaid haircut and headshots out of the way, I’m off to play with my grand-daughter.

Maybe next week I’ll write something about writing!

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