Remembering what’s important

Joe’s Post # 34 — I don’t know Jay Lake very well. I met him only once at a Writer’s Retreat/Workshop in Oregon. He is an amazingly prolific writer, successful and probably has more stories published then I ever will in my lifetime. I got the chance to brainstorm a story with him and Loren Colemen, and wow, what an experience that was. I just had to sit back and listen as they built a whole world in minutes, filled it with interesting characters, terrible problems, great locations and still somehow managed to throw in a theme! It was a masterclass of story creation by two great writers.

However, when I read that Jay had received some very bad health news, it hit me hard.

Fucking cancer.

Likely terminal.

Likely I’m hauling back a lot of what I went through when Margot passed, but ultimately it doesn’t make any difference where I get the feelings from. I’m sad. I’m forced to look at mortality again, for myself and those I love. I’m forced to deal with loss.

And I don’t like it.

But, as with any good writer, Mr. Lake does what writers do. He’s writing about it. About what it’s like. The fear. The confusion. The anger, maybe. The end of his life.

So, I don’t feel up to being funny, or clever. I don’t feel up to writing a piece about how to become a writer. Instead, check out Jay’s blog. At the end of the day, the best thing we can ever do for a writer is to ensure he’s read.

As always, he tells a great story.

I just hate how this one will end.

3 thoughts on “Remembering what’s important

  1. So sorry Joe. Life is nothing if you can’t feel. The tough part is we get to feel the bad parts. Love to Jay Lake. I’ll make sure I get to know him while I can.

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