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Karalee’s Post #34

It’s here, the end.

Midnight tonight the Send button must be pressed and our new stories  will travel down the birth canal called email to arrive in the loving care of our fellow 5Writer’s Inboxes. It’s the birth of our books. It’s a quick and easy delivery after months of planning (no unwanted protégé here)  and development.

newbornFor those of you that have followed our process to this point you will know that these births will be at all stages of development. Some will be full-term and fat and healthy, others full-term but undernourished, and possibly others premature and in the need of special attention to prosper and grow.

But all will survive and flourish into healthy full-fledged stories. After all, we are writers and have our stories to tell.

This birth isn’t ‘The End’, rather it’s the beginning of every other beginning in this process.

To quote Seneca, the 1st century Roman philosopher who tutored the Roman emperor Nero, Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

In the context of the 5Writer’s, the next new beginning is the Beta Reading process where we will give our full attention to critiquing our group’s manuscripts over the next four weeks.

Then in the context of each individual writer, the next new beginning after the beta reading process is to complete the best draft possible in preparation for publishing.

Then, the next new beginning is preparing to query by: writing a query letter, preparing a short synopsis and a long synopsis, and making a list of a thousand agents that might be  interested in your work.

Then, the next new beginning is to send out to the agents….. etc., etc., etc.

We all know there isn’t an end. Even when a book is published, there’s still ongoing marketing, and of course, the beginning of the next book. That’s why it is called the writing process.

When I look at it, the whole process can be summed up in one word: anticipation. And who doesn’t love anticipation?

After midnight tonight our stories will be born in the privacy of our group, to be nourished and cared for in a respectful manner with their trusted caregivers. Each group member will also send out a request list with their newborns; areas that we struggled with and what we want specific feedback on.

My baby is full-term but undernourished, about 75% of its expected word count for its genre. It’s needs are multi-faceted ranging from requiring more sensory input and having a well-rounded extended family (sub-plot), to having my theme manifested in the main plot as well as in the sub-plot. Sharing is important too. Is my antagonistic shining enough, or the villain vying for the spotlight too often? Is my villain revealed in the best time/place or not hidden enough from the get-go?

I must say I’ve had great fun writing this story. For me writing is never lonely. This process stretched my experience and put me into the head of my main character far more than I’ve been before. First person writing really does that.

In other books I’ve written I had a strong sense of where to start and where to end and I wrote the first and last chapters up front, albeit they changed as the process went on. For this book I knew where I wanted to go, but didn’t have a strong picture of exactly who would be there, or how the final climax would pan out. I know what had to happen, but not how to make it happen.

I trusted my instincts. I had an outline that soon went sideways, but kept winding back to the main path. I kept writing and the pieces fell into place at the eleventh hour. Now that’s a happy hour worth celebrating.

And here I am at the birth of my undernourished baby with not a clue what to name it.

baby names

To me, I can’t wait to hear what my 5Writers come up with!

Happy beta reading.

8 thoughts on “Name that book

  1. “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
    Yet another helpful gem from 5Writers. I’m grateful to all of you, once again.

    Speaking of help: When you send out a query letter, do you also enclose a long summary and a short summary? I just want to know the procedure.

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Joe’s been sending out queries and goes by what the agency wants. They are generally very specific during the query process so check out their webpage as you make up your list of who to send out to.

  2. Bravo – what a milestone.And naming and continuing the writing process must seem much less daunting now that you have got this stage under your belt.

    • Thanks Diana. Yes, I’m glad to have got to the end and am looking forward to my revisions. I really enjoy that part as I can add details and flesh out my characters more.

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