Unravelling technology… Or just unravelling?

Paula’ s Post #36 — Coming to you live from my ‘Unravelling Technology’ seminar in beautiful Indian Wells California. A beautiful venue… a sumptuous free breakfast… A movie star handsome, high-energy presenter … All at the right price:


How cool!

Like it or not, being tech savvy is so incredibly important, for writers, for professionals for everyone.

So … I’m not posting today, I’m learning, juggling my iPad and iPhone, simultaneously taking notes and blogging.

So, I promise to post more next week … this week, I’m too busy getting tips on posting.

In the meantime, you may enjoy this:

Check out this video on YouTube:


5 thoughts on “Unravelling technology… Or just unravelling?

  1. Me too! I was cheering like the audience, applauding at my iMac, if not for it.

    This was a welcome relief from all of your posts about the upcoming critiques. It’s obvious that you’re all apprehensive about them, but it’s starting to wear us out, or is it just me?

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