Reading is part of the writing process

Karalee’s Post #36

coffee and paper(image by misspudding)

I love to read and have been reading many self-help books in the last year and I’m absolutely enjoying reading my 5Writer’s fiction stories. I’m a slow reader so am quite anxious that I may not get through my commitment to critique and contribute to the extent that meets my own expectations. That said, I know I’ll do my best and that is what counts.

A blog post I’ve read recently sums up why I write and what I’m looking for in my fellow 5Writer’s:

Another blog post that is fun to read is

Time is of the essence as we’re a crazy bunch to read and critique all four submissions in four weeks! Thank goodness it’s predicted to be a rainy week.

To me being part of a writing group is a privilege. It has pushed me into and through and into another level of discomfort to expose my innermost creative processes that sometimes is hard to admit to myself I have those thoughts! It’s a wonderful and a very important aspect to being challenged to become the writer I’m meant to be. It’s a win-win and I don’t take the feedback personally, rather as an opportunity to do something even better than I submitted to my trusted friends.

I’m absolutely looking forward to the feedback I will be getting. 

So, I need to get back back to reading and contributing to the ongoing process that is part of what a writing group does. As far as a reader goes, I’m the turtle here. Nothing like understanding one’s attributes. 

I think I may be the only one in our group that can say this: I can’t wait to start the editing process. Yes, I LOVE editing because my story is already there and I can simply work on making it the best it can be. I enjoy getting back into the story and feeling it come alive again as I reread it. We all know that setting our writing aside for awhile is the best way to highlight what is and isn’t working.

I know that the weakness I have in getting my story written in the first place is the self-editing I do along the way. It’s a blessing too, and being aware of my habit, I can make it work for me and not against me.

I still remember being surprised at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference when I learned that many well-known and bestselling authors still belong to a writing group. Writing can be a lonely process, and belonging in a writing group not only is a social outlet, it also is a strong contributor to developing and refining our craft. 

Happy reading and writing.

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