Rising to the challenge

Karalee’s Post #46

What a year! What a group! What a life!

It’s been a challenging year for me in all regards. It’s not a bad thing. I love a challenge, and generally speaking, am not one to back down. This last year really has been a pivotal year for me.


  1. Personal issues brought my childhood upbringing to the forefront in an unexpected and traumatic way, which lead to tremendous personal growth and acceptance even though I resisted the process much of the time (in a kicking and screaming kind of way). Fortunately the light at the end of the tunnel has turned out to be the sun in many ways. To say the least my life will never be the same, and realistically, we all need to keep growing and changing.
  2. Writing a novel in 5 months came at a crucial time. Having a project to divert my energy and attention from my “real life” was a godsend although I have no idea how I managed to concentrate and organize my thoughts to make it to some kind of “the end.” Come to think of it, my group let me know that I was a bit scatterbrained! Thanks 5Writers!
  3.  Blogging with our group. Not only did blogging highlight each one of our writing styles, (and although a challenge to continue week after week), it has also kept us connected and communicating. To my surprise, social media really does have a human relationship feel to it among our group and our followers. Don’t get me wrong, NOTHING beats face-to-face interactions, but when we went so long without meeting, blogging certainly helped.

What I learned in the last year:

  • Tough love is still love! The 5Writers group is a powerful force to contend with and be a part of and I’m very thankful for the opportunity. Joining the group 4 years ago was overwhelming for me – a huge challenge to not only improve my own writing, but to know enough to contribute to the group. I still feel very challenged, and that’s good as it certainly prevents complacency.
  • I absolutely love to write and have no difficulty shutting myself away for days and live in a fictitious world (especially if someone does the cooking and cleaning for me!)
  • I don’t have a problem tackling rewriting.
  • I would love nothing more than to have writing as a career and I don’t feel overwhelmed about the process of publishing, rather I’m looking forward to the challenge when I do get to “the end” of my novel.

Above all else the most important concept that has come to light over and over in the last year for me is that challenges change, and what once was difficult or even overwhelming, becomes easier.

I now know with certainty that:

  • overwhelming emotions don’t kill you. Actually, experiencing them can aid one’s writing!
  • it is possible to write a novel in (almost) 5 months.
  • it is possible to critique 4 novels in 4 weeks! (although I’m still recuperating)
  • Throwing out ideas for “what’s next” to the group isn’t a death wish! It’s fun actually, and if you don’t take rejection personally all is well.
  • Our 5Writer’s group will keep challenging each other and continue with exciting ventures together.

What a year! What a group! What a life!

Happy writing.

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