Writing doesn’t have to be lonely

Karalee’s Post #47

Paula’s last post got me thinking about how writing is a solitary activity and it really can be lonely if you let it be. Me, I have no problem shutting myself away to write. I look forward to it actually, and it’s not because I’m an introvert.

When I look at my life it’s far from being solitary or lonely. I’ve made a conscious effort the last three decades to stay fit and stay in touch with my group of woman friends.

black mountain walk

Generally speaking I’m active six days a week. I get up early every morning and between going to the gym, running, biking and walking, I keep in touch with 5 different groups of people on a weekly basis. When the snow falls, I add in another group once a week snowshoeing. This summer I did a short triathlon and enjoyed it so much that I may add swimming into the mix too.

I also try to visit with my three children at least weekly, generally over dinner. I’m very fortunate that my son and daughter that have flown from the nest have both landed within half an hour drive away. My youngest just started university and is still at home.

Then there’s my two dogs to walk three times a day. Did I mention that I love to garden?

raspberries 2013

And there’s my wonderful 5Writers group to keep in touch with too.

Maybe that’s why I have no difficulty sitting down to write. Even behind closed doors  I know that I’m connected to the real world out there. Maybe that’s why I’ve never found writing a lonely occupation, rather it’s a wonderful part of my day that I have the pleasure to enjoy on my own and do what I love. 

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