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Paula’s Post #49: For the past few months or so, our 5writers blog has taken a decided turn away from the general towards the specific. The specifics of the craft of writing, to be more specific.

When we started this blog back in September 2012, we 5writers intended it to be an inside look at our very novel, (and very public) novel-writing challenge. Essentially a chance for the world to watch as we five unpublished writers dedicated ourselves to the seemingly impossible task of each trying to write a novel, from scratch, in just 5 months.

Blogging about it while trapped in this self-imposed crucible? Just icing on the cake.

But those five months passed all too quickly. Our weekly ‘check-ins’ with our followers transitioned from progress reports and page counts (and more than a few posts on the pitfalls of procrastination) to the breathless excitement of crossing our self-imposed ‘finish line’ on February 5th, 2013.

We had a lot of fun with these posts during the actual “challenge”, even though I venture to guess more than one 5writer wondered whether our word count for this blog at times exceeded our word count for our novels-in-progress.

Even after the 5writers challenge officially ended in February last year, we still had a lot of fun with our followers. I suspect we also had quite a lot of reader interest in our build up to our epic “Critique Retreat Week’ at Whistler, in June 2013.

At our Whistler retreat, we locked ourselves inside a lofty penthouse suite at the posh Pan Pacific Whistler, ate a lot of chocolate,  drank a lot of coffee and unsheathed our talons as we tore apart each others’ manuscripts.

My that was fun! I get all misty-eyed and nostalgic just thinking about it.

But what’s happened since our return from Whistler?

The excitement of that June retreat transitioned into the lazy days of summer. We 5writers,– if not officially on ‘vacation’– fell into ‘recovery mode’, reconnecting with our ‘before lives’ including our long neglected significant others, our families, our work and the many, many simple pleasures and pastimes we missed during our epic 5 month challenge.

Some of us started rewrites to our manuscripts. Some of us worked on finishing first drafts. Some, like me, opted for a summer-er-you-don’t-need-to-remind-me-it-is-already-fall, hiatus.

Whatever the reason, over the past summer we no longer had much of a ‘group dynamic’ happening  and I must say that I, for one, am the sadder because of that.

I’ve also missed, (dare I say it?) having a capital ‘D’ – Deadline.

I applaud the commitment of my fellow 5writers in faithfully getting their blog posts done each week. But of late, I’ve noticed that we’ve gone from a blog about our epic writing challenge to a blog about, well, writing.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with writing about writing. But I miss our group dynamic and hope that we may find some new project, some ‘synergy’ that will revive the ‘power of five’ and bring us back together again.

Tomorrow, we’re meeting again to discuss the status of not only our 5novels but also the future of the 5writers.

Any suggestions?


Future (Photo credit: Celestine Chua) Creative Commons


2 thoughts on “This Writer’s Journey

  1. I think all blogs evolve over time, not just those written by writers. Our circumstances change, some manuscripts are completed while others are shelved, some find agent representation or independent publishing while others continue to be revised. And there are the inevitable peaks and valleys in our blogging inspiration.

    From what I read here, it looks like all five of you are in different places with the original novels that led to your blog. Maybe each of you could post on your specific journeys while you also set a new deadline for the next stages of your works?

    Whatever you decide, I’ll be reading!

  2. Thanks so much for the continued encouragement.
    We’re actually in a pretty good space as a group. We’ve got a road map to try to get everyone back on track with a new project that will be outlined in the New Year, then with the support of the group, we will each work on the story structure and plotting of the new novels BEFORE we write the whole manuscript. As Karalee points out in her blog post this week, one thing we don’t lack is creative ideas!

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