Deciding on a new project

Karalee’s Post #50

Our group had a meeting today. The agenda was for each of us to come bearing three possible ideas for a collaborative project. Among our eighteen ideas surely there would be one or two that resonated with all of us and could catapult our group into the realm of the next bestseller.


Now there are ways to produce collaborative writing with multiple authors, but our ideas weren’t easy to implement in that fashion as far as we could see, even though we were hopeful to begin with. Most of them looked like this:

by L'eau Bleue

by L’eau Bleue


The good news is that we all have a couple of awesome new ideas for our own work and will come to our next meeting prepared with an outline and have a good old-fashioned brainstorming session.

What we did last year was write our own stories and then  had them critiqued in our group at the end. The members that had partial books found that the input at this point was invaluable in directing their manuscripts and reducing the rewriting burden.

From this experience and feedback we have decided to each begin another manuscript starting with our new and awesome idea, then outline in the way that works for each of us. At this point we will meet again and brainstorm with the input of all five in our group instead of individually like before.

What fun to look forward to.

In the meantime we will continue with our ongoing projects and begin the querying process when ready. Joe is out of the starting gate already and is off to SiWC this year to market his new YA book. Go Joe!!

Happy writing.

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