Confession #2


Joe’s Post #55 – As I write my ass off to finish the rewrite of my YA novel (it’s about two thirds done and should be completely done for the Surrey Writer’s Conference), I’m also working on my pitches. My confession, though, is not about pitches, it’s about what to write next.

I confess. I’m torn. More than torn. I’m all confused and scrunchie-faced. It’s not a lack of ideas, it’s too many.

Do I run with the ones I pitched at our last session, my personal favourite being … Hell is For Children – two teenagers find themselves mistakenly in hell and seek to escape with the help of an imp named Napoleon, a starving Jeff Dahmer – who can’t get enough to eat – and a pimply-faced, 14-year-old Vlad the Impaler. I mean, this book almost writes itself, right?

Do I write about the amazing new adventures in my life? (Which is to say, basically I’ll write down everything funny Corinne or her boys say and steal it. The cool thing is that she is way funnier than me. Tina Fey funny. So I wouldn’t really have to do any work.)

Do I work on a rewrite? I mean, the Wingless Angel has great potential. So does Indian Summer.

Do I start another blog? Maybe two? The Spazadoodle blog?

travel and simpsonsDo I see if I can promote my travel blogs into some sort of book? Mexico? Europe?

Do I go off and write another one? Maybe get a motorbike? Ride Route 66?

However, the question may be moot. Yes, I said, moot.  Moot. Moot. Moot. And for Corinne, “ROGUE!!!!”

Now where was I? Oh, yes, the question being moot and all. So here’s the thing. I really believe my YA novel has legs. It’s some of the best writing I’ve done. It’s a story power. Not a faerie tale where everything works out and everyone lives. But …

It should have cross-appeal to young adults and new adults and, well, the regular adults (plus Vegas seems to like it so it may appeal to dogs as well, though the market sample here is pretty small). It’s got cross media appeal (meaning I can totally see a video game or card game). It’s based on all my nerdy years reading fantasy, playing D&D when I was young and video games when I was no so young. So it really is the best I can do. All I need is for someone to take a chance and help me see this through to publication.

But until then, after I finish, on to something new.

Thing is, I always want to be moving. A man in motion. Hard to believe when you look at me. I’m more like a man on the couch. But, like a shark, if I stop moving, at least inside this cramped head of mine, then I’ll likely end up as a file clerk in the Ministry of Really Useless Files. And I don’t want that, no matter how much near orgasmic pleasure a well organized filing system can give me.

So, back to the book. Had a few great ideas today and want to add them in. One was so amazingly good that I jumped up and down and did a writer’s jig with Vegas, who sadly interpreted that as me going insane and ran to the other side of the dog park.

Confession done.

5 thoughts on “Confession #2

  1. Hahaha! When I read this post I felt like a little bone-door opened up in Joe’s skull … cre-e-e-a-k … and when I looked inside there were all these gears going ka-chunk ka-chunk whirr whirr ding ka-chunk ding. It was kinda fun to watch. And listen to. And then the little door slammed shut … ker-bang … and I could swear I heard a dog bark and the sound of a motorcycle popping a wheelie.

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