Surrey Writer’s Conference Act 1 – Scene 2

Joe’s Post #57

siwcYou’d think there wouldn’t be any problems yet. I mean, hey, the darned conference doesn’t start for me until tomorrow. But I am me and problems sometimes swarm around me like angry flies around decaying meat.

First challenge: I can only get one interview with an agent ahead of time. I can get 1 more by standing in line. And I want to see or talk to about eight. Six for sure. So that leaves four to six I’m going to have to hunt down.

surrey barSo I looked at where they’d be. In workshops? On panels? In the bar? (Sadly, and perhaps dishonestly, no one said they’d be in the bar, but I have to think, if I had to listen to a whole bunch of introvertie writers like me pitch books all day, I would probably buy the bar).

I found all of them were in workshops but one. That’s great. But when I wrote down the schedules in pretty colors, I found that most of them were speaking in different rooms at the same time. Or, worse, three were on a panel together. Hard for me to march up and stand in front of the table and spread my arms wide and say, “Yo, what’s up? Wanna hear a pitch?” So I will have to make some tough choices. I may not be able to speak to a couple of them. But which ones?

Which ones indeed? That’s the second challenge. Do I forego the editor from a respected publisher? Do I chance meeting a newly minted agent from a outstanding agency in the hallway? Can I clone myself in time to be at two places at the same time?

Oh how I wish my writing friends were going with me. We could break those workshops up and find a way for everyone to meet everyone.

So simple.

Yet this year it’ll just be me. Justjoe. So decisions will have to get made. I may have to fast-pitch someone then sprint (which is, in itself, a funny thing to watch) and then fast-pitch the next person before they can flee to the safety of a bathroom.

It’ll all take planning and a little luck.

But I hate the unknown. I would rather be able to line up everyone if they have free time and sit and chat with them. I can do the chat thing. It’s the pitching on the fly that’ll be a bit of a challenge and god help me if the agents and editors have learned to walk fast!

However, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. I have charts. I have schedules. I have notes. I have my business cards. I have a great book I can’t wait for others to read.

Oh crap, I just realized I need to iron a shirt. Gotta go. Stay turned. First scheduled pitch is at two, but I hope to blog before that (or cry after that).

9 thoughts on “Surrey Writer’s Conference Act 1 – Scene 2

  1. Joe, listen up. And listen good. You are NOT “justjoe”. You are Joe the Hunter. Joe the Lion. Joe the Intrepid. You will keep your eagle eye constantly scanning for prey (agents) that you will (politely, with a smile on your face) swoop down upon at meals, in hallways, on stairs, at the book signings (DON’T FORGET THE BOOK SIGNINGS, TAKE YOUR PLASTIC). You will easily charm them by being YOU, the Joe we love. And you will easily impress them with your OUTSTANDING work. You are WORTHY, baby. Go get ’em!

  2. Best of luck, Joe! As I am also attending SIWC ( for the 2nd time), I’ll probably see you in those lineups for agents and publishers and/or in the bar. Too bad you’re the only brave one of the five!

  3. Hey, Joe. You are being unbelievably brave. Congratulations on even that. It makes me sick to think about doing what you are. May your mind be quick and your tongue agile.

  4. PS: What am I doing wrong that I my comments have to wait for moderation…. I signed up for a WordPress account. Help?

  5. Hey Joe, go get ’em. I can just picture you there where I met all of you last year. I have enjoyed following all of your trials and tribulations. You are destined for success. You should have drawn you into that bar picture. It would have been perfect.
    Good luck,
    Jude Wiesner

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