Surrey Writer’s Con (the last hours)

Joe’s Post #61

The last pitch is done. Susan Chang. Editor with TOR. She was fantastic and really drilled down on my story whereupon a theme emerged. I have not sold my world as well as I may need to. Everyone, including Ms. Chang wanted to know more about my world, why it was different, what would make it special?

I counter punched those answers pretty well, though not really well. I never thought my world-building would be an issue. I’m kind of arrogant that way. Ok, in a lot of ways. But I need to find a way to talk about how everything is not as it seems, that it’s not a vanilla creation, that it has depth and soul.

However, Ms. Chang was kind enough to give the first few pages a look. So, more pages off next week.

And that was it. I felt like I’d been put through the ringer but I swear to God that Paula would have been proud of my selling. Pitch failing, shift, regroup,refocus. Come at them, again.

But doing the interviews was not all that I accomplished here. I was all Mr. Chatty and spoke to dozens of writers. Everyone has a story, let me tell you. I also thanked all the volunteers at the agent/editor desk, shaking their hands and saying how awesome they’d been. Without them, I would never have had a chance to see more than one agent. They did such a good job of herding the cats. Lastly, I didn’t throw up on anyone. I don’t think too many people realized how lucky they’d been but … you’re welcome.

So, off to supper. No more pitching for me today. The query tomorrow needs work in a big way, at least based on what everyone told me today, but I’m not sure I’ve have time (or the idea) to fix it. It may have to go as is and I may have to take my lumps.

Then there’s the ‘idol’ workshop. A chance for Jack Whyte to read my story aloud, (which I did last night, minus his beautiful baritone voice). However, it’s also a chance to take a real ass-kicking, ego-wise. If that fails to impress anyone, I think I may become a plumber. At least I have a contact number for one.

Wish me luck.

7 thoughts on “Surrey Writer’s Con (the last hours)

  1. Paula IS SO VERY PROUD of you!
    4 pitches in one day! (not counting the ‘warm ups’ ) – and a request from TOR for pages. You rock Joe. Remember, listen what they are saying, listen to the objections and counter punch! What an awesome experience!
    Oh, and look back at my critique – Cyndi needs to be older!
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s instalment of ‘The World Turns’.
    Oh, and don’t forget to hang in the bar until closing!

  2. congratulations on your persistence, and your courage. I didn’t even come back this year after I got so busted apart in my first ever read by one of the masters classes. Only silk had anything kind to offer me, and it was so appreciated. But, I didn’t even want to invest in it this year as a result, so you have done it and I have enjoyed your journey vicariously. Thanks much

  3. Plumber? You’d become Joe the Plumber? Please say it ain’t so! (And if this unsolicited tongue-in-cheek commentary on the US social/cultural/political reference leaves you scratching your head, please consider yourself lucky!)

    It sounds like you did a great job, despite your nerves and having to overcome those agent doubts. I suspect most people walk away from those meetings with no requests for sample pages!

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