Surrey Writer’s Con (Act 2 – Day 2: Operation Inspiration)

Joe’s Post #62

Last night, I went home and retooled the query and pitch. It’s not like yesterday was a complete failure, I managed to get 4 of 5 cards from someone saying send out something, but I didn’t want to fool myself either (for a change). The biggest reason I got permission to send stuff was my ability to claw my way out of the very deep hole I’d dug myself into with my pitch.

So, if it ain’t working, fix it. I called my friend Sean and, being the great guy that he is, he didn’t say no, he was just about to go to bed … or no, he was still in his gimp outfit and kinda tied up at the moment. No, he said send out what you got, what you want to change and let’s see what we can do. After a few emails back and forth, an hour later, we had a working draft. It took another hour to fine tune it, but the query is far, far better for it and my pitch, totally redirected. While I loved the idea of the theme of the book, that power corrupts, a pitch based on that didn’t excite anyone. Even when I wasn’t looking like I was about to throw up or twitching uncontrollably.

Armed with a new query, a new outlook, I’m ready for the day. But I’m also going to try and actually have some fun. Oh, I know I said I should do that but doing five pitches yesterday was about as far from fun as it gets for me.

simon cowellHence, Operation Inspiration. There’s one agent I still want to talk to, but the rest of the time I’ll be in workshops. True, they are hard-core ones, (a query workshop where they will read my query and critique it, and the dreaded Writer’s Idol, where the bard Jack Whyte will read out pages from my story for a panel to, well, go all Simon Cowell on it).

The trick will be how I go into those workshops. I want to go in and leave my ego at the door and use it as a learning experience. If they say it sucks, I hope they can say why so I can fix it. The risk I run, especially after yesterday, is that the house of cards that is my belief in me as a writer, will come tumbling down.

But who can go through life without taking a few risks?

5 thoughts on “Surrey Writer’s Con (Act 2 – Day 2: Operation Inspiration)

  1. Go for it Joe!! May Jack Whyte read your first page and the agents critiquing it scoop you up and whisk you off to The Land of Publishing and Beyond. Have fun!

  2. Absolutely have some fun today! It’s a reward for the hard work of facing your least favourite and scariest duty yesterday: pitching.

    However, I hope your comment about your belief in yourself as a writer being a “house of cards” was written only for dramatic effect. You are NOT ALLOWED to lose your faith in your writing abilities. That would be delusional, not to mention wimpy – neither of which describe you.

    Hope you get lots out of your day and enjoy. Take notes to share, eh?

  3. The only thing that will fall, I hope, is your unbelief in you as a writer. You aren’t going to be told “this is the best thing ever” but remember – they aren’t there to tear you down, they’re there to teach. Learn from them, and I hope your day is brilliant and, yes, a whole lot of fun!

  4. Every manuscript can be re-worked. Anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself. That’s what matters in the end. Take heart and have fun. It’s all part of the writers’ package.

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