Fear, hope and exhilaration

Karalee’s Post #52

Fear, hope, and exhilaration.

This triple combo of words came to me while I was visiting the Kennedy Space Center in Florida last week. I’ve always loved science and jumped at the opportunity to explore the Space Center with my husband (who is definitely a science and computer geek).

Since the U.S. is in-between scheduled projects at the present time, we took the Mega tour that allowed us to go inside the Vehicle Assembly Building and then right out to one of the launch pads where both the Apollo and Space Shuttle vehicles were rocketed skyward.

Vehicle Assembly Building

Vehicle Assembly Building

launch pad at Kennedy Space Center

launch pad at Kennedy Space Center










The scale is immense and the time and effort exerted to put man into space is astounding. 

Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center

Rocket Garden at the Kennedy Space Center

lunar capsule

lunar capsule


When I saw the size of the Apollo Saturn 1B rocket (the only horizontal rocket in the Rocket Garden), and then the size of the lunar capsule sitting near the tip of the Saturn rocket, my mind went through the stages that I feel the astronauts’ probably did too:






I expect that this triple combination of words expresses what most people feel when they take on any task that runs a risk of failure, such as:

  • writing a book
  • entering a competition (first man on the moon, best short story, etc.)
  • learning a difficult task (becoming an astronaut, writing a book, etc.)
  • making a commitment (building a rocket to get man into outer space, writing a book, etc)

Fear comes first. Many people don’t move beyond this, but those that do are willing to push forward because of the hope of succeeding and the exhilaration that follows that success.

For me learning the craft of writing, belonging to a writing group, and writing, writing, and writing some more, are all helping me move from fear to hope. And to tell the truth, I have experienced moments of exhilaration going back and rereading some of my own work. I don’t need to be “published” to have those moments of excitement, but I know it isn’t close to what I will feel the day my efforts all come together in a published book.

It might not be as exhilarating as surviving the blast-off of a rocket and the subsequent safe return to earth, but hey, I’ll risk it.

Happy writing.

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