You can’t win if you don’t enter

Karalee’s Post #54

My children will often call on a friend’s cell phone if theirs is out of battery, so I answered an unfamiliar number the other day.

“Hello, you have won…”

I pulled the phone away from my ear and was about to hit the ‘end’ button when I heard “… the eyeball counting…”

The what? The subject caught me off guard enough that I kept listening.

“… eyeball counting contest.”

I didn’t remember entering an eyeball counting contest, but when the voice said it was my optometrists’ office, my memory slid into place and I remembered the jar on their counter. eyeball jarI had donated some money towards their cause and guessed the number of eyeball candy I thought filled the jar and then left without thinking about it again.

Then I got the call and not only did I become the proud owner of a jar full of chocolates the day after Halloween, I was also credited $250.00 on my account.

Well, I was feeling pretty smug and glad I hadn’t hung up the phone, so when I went into my email on my regular routine before writing, I had to laugh when I saw the Writer’s Digest email. Karma must be at play.
WD contest I think most of us are a bit superstitious or at least feel that some days things go our way for whatever reason.

I didn’t have to ponder about the energy in the universe or the stars lining up my way or such for me to think that maybe I should dust off a couple of short stories I have filed away in my computer and send them in.

I’m working on rewriting one that was short-listed at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference a few years ago. It’s 4800 words and this contest is a maximum of 1500 words. I take this as a good challenge for me to put to task what I’ve learned the last couple of years.

No matter, it has jump-started my creativity again so all is good.

The top twenty-five will be notified by February 28, 2014. I will let you know if I do the happy dance!

Wish me luck. Maybe other writers out there with short-stories in hand will send their work in too?

Happy writing.

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