How colorful is your writing?

Karalee’s Post #55

The autumn colors this year were spectacular and the color that struck me most of all was red. 

Now if you stop and think of anything that red represents to you, I bet that one or two words will conjure up a picture in your mind and any emotions that go along with it.

Therefore, to a writer’s delight, not only is a picture worth a thousand words, a couple of words can also be worth a thousand words too. Now don’t get me wrong, even 100 fantastic picture-producing and emotional evoking words won’t make up for a 100,000 word story.

I find it interesting that red represents the full gamut of emotions from passion to rage or love to hate, and are often represented by objects that have come to symbolize them.

Red Raspberries 2013

Red has also come to represent foods that are high in nutrition.

Red Mushroom 2013

But, it can also be highly poisonous. This mushroom was down the block from where I live.

Red can also be ugly, like blood, or beautiful like a sunset.

When I think about it, the versatility of red  is amazing.

In our writing the color red and what it represents can become cliche. On the other hand, it can conjure up an image worth a thousand words.

The beauty is that we can also make red represent something completely different in our stories. Something unique. Something surprising.

It could even be a red herring.

Go for it.

Happy writing.

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