Amazing blogging advice

Joe’s Post #73

I want some. Amazing blogging advice, that is.

IMG_0831Not that I can’t find lots on the internet. There was one that boosted 101 ideas. Writer’s Digest had a few suggestions. My dog, Vegas, had some thoughts as well though they mostly involved pictures of her looking all princessie.

There are widgets and gadgets and add-ons and plug-ins. I hear I should know my audience, that I have to be savvy in social media, that pictures are a must, that guest blogging helps, that I should write in a good voice and write a lot and…

Well, you get the idea.

Thing is… there is almost too much information. 

In the end, all I want to do is write. And by writing, be read. I love writing about movies, my travel adventures, and (of course) writing. But is that good enough?

So I want to throw it out there.

Party shoes - black high heeled courts with gold ankle strap by Zara

What makes you read a blog?

If you have a blog, what works for you?

In the meantime, something for my audience.

Maybe I should write more about shoes. Or Johnny Depp.


4 thoughts on “Amazing blogging advice

  1. What attracts me to a blog, specifically one that’s geared toward words and not images, is the “realness’ that the blogger brings to his or her posts. No matter the subject, if I think a blogger is “posing” or “writing to the audience,” I tend not to stick around.

    • That’s interesting! Me, I love pictures. But at the end of the day, it has to be about the words, I totally agree. If you can make me laugh, (or cry) you got me, Voice, like in any novel, is very important.
      Thanks for your reply!

  2. You’re funny, you’re humble, you are serious about your craft, and you talk about it, not to lecture the reader on how to write, but how you have either broken or kept the rules, and how that works for you and why it did or didn’t. That works for me, and it keeps me coming back to read your entries every single week.

    • Thanks (though I don’t know about the humble thing). I guess I’m really writing about my journey as a writer and, to avoid curling up into a small ball on the couch, I tend to look at the world as absurd and funny. Especially the elephant sitting on a toilet (an elephant-size toilet.)

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