My Christmas unlist

Karalee’s Post #58

I’m going to go wild and throw out a new use for a word out there. It’s unlist. You can now unfriend someone on Facebook, so why not unlist your Christmas To-Do list? You know, the other list that’s not the Wish List.

In my unorganized system of “adding to the list,” I have pieces of paper stashed here and there, and if I crumple up the lot I could easily free up a good couple of weeks of  writing time and heat my mother’s home for an hour or two via the fireplace.

For others in my 5Writers group this saved time would be very high on the Wish List, but truth told, I enjoy preparing for the holiday celebration. To me it isn’t a chore and I look forward to thinking about presents and wrapping them (more than shopping for them) and I love having my family together as most of us do.

Actually I rather like my To Do list:

  • baking and listening to Christmas music and doing the odd dancing and singing (hey, I’m alone so I can do what I want)
  • share my baking with my running group at coffee (after our run of course. We need to replenish our energy with carbs)
  • Christmas lunch with friends and sharing more baking. This usually means a few lunches out, which is a rare occurrence the rest of the year so it is a big treat for me. I love the girl talk too.
  • see a live seasonal play and support our local actors. Again, a real treat.
  • listen (and sing) to Christmas music while I drive to do my shopping. I’m in a great mood by the time I park.
  • think of my family as I shop for them. I tend to people watch too, so it is also research for my writing and more often than not, quite amusing.
  • think of friends and family as I give to charitable donations on their behalf. I’ve been doing this for a number of years now and choose charities that, to me, really can make a difference and most of the money goes to the cause. This has included goats to Rwanda (through a friend that has visited a village there and knows the situation), education to women through, the Canadian Cancer Society (who doesn’t know someone that has suffered with this disease?), and the SPCA.
  • reminisce about the year as I write our Christmas letter and cards. Yes, I do enjoy this and I still use real paper and cards and support our Canadian Postal Service. This has the added benefit of adding to my writing words that must be approaching one million by now, so I’m anticipating becoming published any time now.
  • celebrating all of the above with a nice glass of wine or two.
  • look forward to seeing our friends as I cook a Christmas dinner for them. We are usually in different cities over the holidays so make a point of connecting and having a fun evening together.
  • walking my dogs with their jingling bell collars. It sounds so cool.
  • decorating the house and thinking of what my children have made over the years or where I got this and that. The house feels warm and cozy.
  • watch the men in my family put up the outdoor lights and congratulate them when they are done.
  • fill the stockings Christmas Eve. I love this and hope my adult children don’t outgrow it.
  • eat my Christmas baking. I love this too and the calorie count is the only down side to my baking.
  • have a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Now I’m sure most of you have a similar TO DO list if you really think about it. For most of us though, I would bet that your frame of mind (POV) is that the list is a chore and would read more like:

  • go to the store and buy the ingredients for all the Christmas baking I have to do. (thoughts of pushing a cart through throngs of people and waiting at the check-out and being impatient with the poor lady ahead of you pushing her walker) Bemoaning the time spent stirring and measuring and cooking. Bemoaning even more that you are alone and watching Dr. Phil with no one to drink a glass of wine with.
  • What? Running? No time for that at this time of year!
  • Lunch with friends? How can I fit that in with everything else? Lots of stress followed by a speeding ticket trying to get there on time.
  • A seasonal play means rushing home, throwing pizza in the oven while you tear a pair of pantyhose in your rush to dress, so now you need to wear pants instead of a dress….
  • Driving to go shopping. Damn traffic. What Christmas music??
  • Shopping? That damn list never gets smaller. And there are SO many people I can’t wait to get out of here.
  • Donations to charity? More to do on the damn list. Pull up the sites on the computer and get it done quick. Computers are man’s best friend. Now that’s done. Phew. What’s next?
  • Christmas cards and letter? No way! A quick email if they are lucky. And copy paste it, just don’t forget to change the name.
  • Wine? Give me the bottle!
  • Hosting a dinner party? What could possibly be more stressful?
  • Dogs? What dogs? It’s reindeer season, right?
  • Decorating the house means getting  those boxes out of storage. Then the time it takes to put everything out. Where is that wine?
  • Outdoor Christmas lights. Thank the heavens above someone else is responsible for that!
  • Christmas Stockings? But first the kids need to be in bed. Then the cookie I have to take a bite from. I’m exhausted and have to stay up how long??
  • Eat Christmas baking? No thank-you. I’m watching my waistline. (Don’t divulge that I’ve had a dozen cookies and four butter tarts while they were putting out the Christmas lights!)
  • Wine? The bottle is empty. Damn! I forgot to put the Liquor Store on my To Do List!

Now think about it. It really is all one’s POV. The lists are the same, but who’s list do you prefer?

christmas bakingI really don’t want to unlist my To Do List.

Do you?

Merry Christmas preparation.

Happy writing too!

3 thoughts on “My Christmas unlist

  1. Very wise words Karalee! If I’m honest, I fall somewhere between the Christmas Saint (that would be you, dear!), and the Bah Humbug Babe you describe next. You’re right about POV … We all CHOOSE our attitude!

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