Baby it’s cold outside

Helga’s Post # 63:

Sorry to be so tardy with my post this week. This supposedly quiet season creates havoc with my commitments. Not that many of you will have had time to check our blog.

The 5 writers have spoken. The all-inclusive wish lists are out. Santa will be busy delivering all those writing tools, that include (but are not limited to) more writing time, discipline, an upgrade to the mental operating system, a thicker skin, courage to fail, focus, writing hardware and software upgrades, an agent who believes in our writing, and so forth.

All great suggestions. As for my own list, I know it’s getting sort of late, but I’ll make a dash for it.

There is one big wish on my list (You know what that is, Santa). After that, how about something a little different? Such as, getting homes for the homeless (after all, isn’t that what started Christmas all that time ago?), help the hungry get some decent food, and reach across the ocean to bring clean water to all those folks over there. So do something about that, will you? You’ll feel better about it too, I promise, than buying sacks of toys year after year for those spoiled kids and new gadgets for grownups who don’t really need all that stuff.tumblr_lwabmc8Pxw1r1uk35

So there’s a challenge for you, Santa. Live up to your reputation and use that magic of yours to make it happen. To make our world more balanced, a little bit more fair. You can start by educating us to ‘give’, instead of ‘want’, to share, not hoard, to look beyond our own needs and realize how very lucky we are to live in this part of the world. Make us care enough to do something to make it better for all those less fortunate. Not just saying it because it’s the right thing to say. So, take a clue from Nelson Mandela when he said:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

But I am straying from issues about writing. Maybe I am too greedy, or too much of a romantic to believe it’s all hopeless and there’s nothing we can do to change this state of affairs. It must be this time of year, this reflective season, that makes me pause and stops me from looking the other way. I am taking time to give thought to those larger issues, those beyond myself, my house, and my community.

So here is what you can do for me personally, Santa: help me create characters in my book that reflect those struggles in their quest to make the world a better place. Characters that struggle mightily and never give up. Like, among others, Jodi Picoult’s characters. She puts it this way:

“It’s certainly my honor to be able to, hopefully, change the world a tiny bit, one mind at a time.

To all, Merry Christmas, and lasting peace on earth.

Photo courtesy: Susan Goetter

Photo courtesy: Susan Goetter

4 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside

  1. I second all your wishes, Helga! I continue to believe that most people have their hearts in the right place, but too many of us don’t act often enough on our convictions to help others and make the world a better place. This is the season to reflect on our blessings, and make resolutions to do better next year.

    • I agree with you, Silk. I too believe that most people’s hearts are in the right place. It’s in spite of people and their good intentions that the world has a tendency to get out of whack. But we shall try to make things better next year. Maybe baby steps only, but that’s far better than not moving at all.

    • Thanks, JM. As you say, we could set changes in motion. It’s up to us. Meanwhile, best wishes for the holidays, and thank you for your loyal following and insightful comments! It means a lot to us.

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