A very 5writer Christmas card.



Paula’s Post #56 – Silk’s Christmas high note post from Monday touched all of us, I’m sure.

While I knew my 5writer colleague Silk came from a musical family, I had no idea she was that talented!

Bravo Silk!

What a gift to be able to travel back in time to 17-year-old Silk’s high school Christmas performance, all those many years ago. Thank you for sharing that audio file with us, it really helped me get into the Christmas spirit.

But hey! Did you have to set the bar so high?

As one who is totally tone-deaf, I could never follow in Silk’s footsteps. Never, ever, ever. Well, I could, but I swear the resulting  mad cat screech would cause our followers to flee this blog, never to be seen or heard from again.

Silk would kill me if that happened, wouldn’t you Silk?

We’ve all worked hard to build a following for this blog, web-mistress Silk most of all.

So.. no Tigger singing… no Tigger dancing.


I knew I had to come up with a different idea for my pre-Christmas post. Something seasonal and fun. Something totally Tiggeresque.

My actual 5writer post day isn’t until Tuesday, but I decided to post this little 5writers Christmas Card a bit early, with a little help from those kooky folks at JibJab.

I hope it brings a smile to your face on what I suspect is a hectic day for many of us.

Merry Christmas to all!

6 thoughts on “A very 5writer Christmas card.

  1. Oh Paula! Can I like this twice? Or three times? Absolutely hysterical — one of the best JibJabs ever. I especially love that I’m flying through it “blind” with my toque pulled down over my eyes. No wonder I hit that tree! Thank you so much for bringing me the best laugh of the season. And thanks, too, for your kind words on my last post. When I listened to “The Beatitudes” for the first time in probably 35 years, I couldn’t believe I USED to be able to hit those high notes. Fear not … I can hit them no more! Love & Christmas kisses, friend!

  2. You can “like” it as many times as you want, dear friend. But can you tell me if the audio file played for you – I just tried to play it back now and couldn’t get the audio to work (sigh) – not a biggee – it is obviously a visual – too hilarious to pass up!

  3. So much fun to watch Paula. Thanks for the laugh. I’m still wondering if Joe secretly has Corrine along for the ride since when he raises his hands, the hand by his face is still there. Just using my observation skills like Silk did to figure out that there’s no real Santa. AND we all know that Joe’s in love and that can make one do crazy things! Merry Christmas season to all.

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