New Year’s resolutions


Joe’s Post #76 — Ok, to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Sorry. It’s something I like to do on a monthly basis. You know, make a resolution not to clean my ear with a sharp knife.

Or not eat my weight in fish and chips.

However, I do like to make a plan for the New Year. Call it a resolution if you want, but I call it a plan.

So here it is.

cropped-greece-glorious-greece-045-800x2671) Blog more. Hey, I love blogging. I really do. I’ll begin to blog about my life as the most confused new parent of all time. I’ll blog about Vegas. About the trip we took to the hospital. About my trips. Movies. I’ll be Mr. Bloggie, blog, McBloggie. I’ll repost here, but it’ll be at justjoebc. Please check it out. Please comment, especially if you think I’m awesome or funny or just plain wrong.

2) I want to take more pictures. I bought a new camera. Nothing fancy. But it’s new. And shiny. I will take pictures with it. I’ll post a few. I may even figure out that pinterest thingee, but that thingee make be a plan for another year.

dummie3) I want to make this the best blog I can possible make it. I think all of the 5/5/5 writers do. To that end, though, I bought books. Yes, books. I will read those books. Even the ones that make my eyes spin and my brain wish for a marathon on America’s Top Model. I will try out a few things from those books. Stay tuned.

4) I want to continue to learn how to write. To that end, look at what we’ll be trying to do in Feb. The Outline. After that, I’ll try writing a book based on that outline. Then work on figuring out something new I can learn or do better. I’m thinking I’ll have to take a very serious look at either structure or how to write sex scenes.

5) I will get all my short stories in the mail. Let’s say one a month. No, let’s say two. And keep them in the mail. My goal for Jan, then is to get “Every Dog” (about a robot dog and his boy surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland) and “I am Fey” (about a young boy living in a magically altered NY who has the power to read memories with a touch) out.

4) I will get more queries done. Sent off I mean. I took a beating last year and need to nut up and start getting them out again. Both for Desert Rains (which probably needs a better title) and The Araxi Chronicles (which I still believe is a pretty damn good story.)

5) I will begin, once again, my weekly updates. Ok, you can’t begin something again, but you get my drift. I’ll restart it. See below.

Queries this Week: 0 – Desert Rains  0 – Araxi Chronicles.

Short Stories Sent off: 0

New Year’s Resolutions: (Not resolutions!!!! Plans!) 5

Number of times I found half-naked pictures of girls when I googled “crimes of passion”: 11

Number of times I thought about a blog but didn’t write it: 4

Friend Who Started Reblogging: 1 (check out her post.)

Next week, my first poll. Who is hotter….?

4 thoughts on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. You do funny so well, Joe. Think about that, okay? The Canadian Bill Bryson. Seriously, though, great resolutions and I look forward to your contributions to the blogosphere!

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