Paula’s Post #59 – In last week’s post, Tick, Tock, – I lamented the need to get a better handle on time management, now that my life has spiralled in a dozen different directions.

I surprised even myself by confessing a perverted, nostalgic desire to return to the discipline of the hated ‘billable hour’ – the lawyer’s time management recording system where every minute of every work day is accounted for and recorded for prosperity… er, I mean posterity.

Or maybe I mean both?

Anyway, how twisted is that?

But after completing last week’s post, I did indeed head up to my local OfficeMax and returned with the ‘Mother of all DayTimers’ (although technically, this one is branded as a DayMinder).

2014 DayMinder® Four Person Group Daily Appointment Book, 7 7/8” x 11”

Dayminder4Designed to coordinate the schedules of four, count ’em, four different people, it is the prefect planning tool to keep my busy life running down the track. For a week, I’ve started each day by dividing ‘Paula’ into four: Real Estate Paula, Writer Paula, Sporty Paula and Paula-Paula, one pseudo-identity for each of the major segments of my busy life. 

Suddenly, at just a glance, I can see what areas of my life I am firing on all cylinders, and which areas I am neglecting. One week of tracking my time and It isn’t hard to see that, right now, Writer Paula and Paula Paula are the ones getting short shrift.

I’m working hard at establishing my real estate business here in the California desert. Holding open houses, taking clients on buyer tours and raising my profile on social media. This is my priority and must remain at the top of my list, I’ve invested a lot of time and money in start-up, have been holding open houses every Saturday and Sunday, am in the process of building a gorgeous new website and can now sense momentum starting to build. Real Estate Paula has nothing to gripe about.

Sporty Paula is holding her own, too, turning out for all requisite tennis practices leading up to playing competitive team tennis for the first time in about 40 years, while still managing to fulfill her duties as Acting Captain for our bocce ball team, (crushed in their debut match last week). And lets not forget the Ladies 18 hole Winter Scramble, Live, Laugh, Love, golf event that occupied most of last Thursday. No, Sporty Paula is receiving her share of calendar space.

And all these seemingly frivolous athletic endeavours do, of course, serve the dual purpose of also raising my profile here in the California desert, allowing me to meet many new people, some of whom I hope may also become clients. So, justifiable double duty.

I must admit, Writer Paula got short-changed last week. While I, too, purchased the outlining book by K.M. Weiland that my fellow 5writer Karalee recently blogged about in her post The Thrill of Outlining, but have only delved into the first few chapters.

outline novel book

Weiland’s book did prompt me to do some stream-of-consciousness, long-hand notebook writing, which I found pleasantly rewarding and cathartic. But I need to do more and I know it, I’ve promised Writer Paula more stage time in the week to come.

But where I’m really falling down is attending to the needs of ‘Paula-Paula‘ and, by implication, the care and feeding of my poor neglected husband. A glance at the long blank column under the heading ‘Paula-Paula’ makes me realize how little cooking I’m doing, how little housework, how little time I’ve set aside for just hanging out and having fun with my very best friend.

So, well I’d like to report I’m going to do more writing this week, it still isn’t going to be my top priority. No, my new magic DayMinder has made me ‘mindful’ of a very different priority.

So sorry 5writers, while sometimes, I really wish there were four Paulas, this week, Paula-Paula is clearing the decks, I’m making ‘me’ and the most important person in my life, my top priorities.

Thanks DayMinder.

Oh… and special prize this week for the first person to figure out the photo that graces the top of this post! Baaa!



5 thoughts on “Baaaa!

  1. Love the pic of Dolly! So happy to hear your ‘best friend’ is getting some TLC. You’re on the right track and a talented multi-tasker. Writing will demand its rightful time when you’re ready. Thanks Paula for letting us glimpse your fascinating life in the desert.

  2. The race is to the swift and 5writer colleague indeed wins the prize by correctly identifying ‘Dolly’ the cloned sheep at the top of the page, and the inspiration for my ‘Four Paulas’ post.

  3. Haha … I’m sure you’d love to be able to clone yourself like Dolly, but think of the implications … 4 Paulas, who each in turn (being faithful replications of the original) would divide themselves into 4 Paulas, and so on! The Sorcerer’s Apprentice scene in Fantasia — where Mickey loses control of the multiplying, bucket-toting animated brooms and nearly causes a second Noah-level flood — comes inevitably to mind. But, even though I want to cheer you on to write write write, I think you have your priorities absolutely straight in protecting your John-and-Paula time!

  4. Oh Silk, You made me laugh so hard with your ‘Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ imagery – what a predicament that would be! On the other hand, I suspect it would make it far easier to schedule 5writer get togethers if we could… (oh, wait for it)…. ‘Send in the Clones’

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