The process begins!

Joe’s Post #78

A quick update post.

charactersOutlining has begun.

It all starts with an idea. Then, as is my tendency these days, I begin with character. It’s someone I’ve used before so all of that background work, all of that character creation has already been done. So I worked up a cast of characters. Odd balls. Villains. Victims. Medical examiners. Cops. Reporters. Prostitutes. Sexy love interest. Even a writer.

It was probably more than I’ll ever use, but hey, it was fun. With each of them, I added a quick note as to their role in the story. What they brought to the table. How they would make my character’s life harder (or easier).

It was a lot of fun. I kind of know what the plot will be, and I know a few of the high points, but that’s it. That’s all I have right now.

I won’t say it’s a thrill like Karalee said.  I didn’t create 4 personalities like Paula. I didn’t have any great insights into emotion like Silk. I didn’t take a lovely trip down memory lane like Helga.  Seems like they got a lot more done over the last week than I did, but it’s a start. I hope to have a proper outline, if there is such a thing, by the time we 5/5/5 get together, again, in late January.


Blogs written this week beside this one: 1 (Schooled in Homework)

Books on Blogs read: Technically 3, but none are finished yet.

Another blog to read: Jungle Red Writers

Queries this Week: 0 – Desert Rains  0 – Araxi Chronicles. Oh, boy, this has to change!

Short Stories Sent off: 0 (See above)

star wars shakespearCoolest book ever: Star Wars – Shakespeare (bought for me by the prettiest girl in the world.)

1 thought on “The process begins!

  1. Ha Ha Ha! Half blogs read… apparently you did not quite grasp that my Baaa blog was not about 4 characters, but about how I needed to be 4 different people just to get everything done! Hmm… I’m seeing a pattern here, HomeWorkJoe, RomanticJoe, WriterJoe… Haven’tSentOutAnyQueriesJoe….

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