The process begins!

Joe’s Post #78

A quick update post.

charactersOutlining has begun.

It all starts with an idea. Then, as is my tendency these days, I begin with character. It’s someone I’ve used before so all of that background work, all of that character creation has already been done. So I worked up a cast of characters. Odd balls. Villains. Victims. Medical examiners. Cops. Reporters. Prostitutes. Sexy love interest. Even a writer.

It was probably more than I’ll ever use, but hey, it was fun. With each of them, I added a quick note as to their role in the story. What they brought to the table. How they would make my character’s life harder (or easier).

It was a lot of fun. I kind of know what the plot will be, and I know a few of the high points, but that’s it. That’s all I have right now.

I won’t say it’s a thrill like Karalee said.  I didn’t create 4 personalities like Paula. I didn’t have any great insights into emotion like Silk. I didn’t take a lovely trip down memory lane like Helga.  Seems like they got a lot more done over the last week than I did, but it’s a start. I hope to have a proper outline, if there is such a thing, by the time we 5/5/5 get together, again, in late January.


Blogs written this week beside this one: 1 (Schooled in Homework)

Books on Blogs read: Technically 3, but none are finished yet.

Another blog to read: Jungle Red Writers

Queries this Week: 0 – Desert Rains  0 – Araxi Chronicles. Oh, boy, this has to change!

Short Stories Sent off: 0 (See above)

star wars shakespearCoolest book ever: Star Wars – Shakespeare (bought for me by the prettiest girl in the world.)

One thought on “The process begins!

  1. Ha Ha Ha! Half blogs read… apparently you did not quite grasp that my Baaa blog was not about 4 characters, but about how I needed to be 4 different people just to get everything done! Hmm… I’m seeing a pattern here, HomeWorkJoe, RomanticJoe, WriterJoe… Haven’tSentOutAnyQueriesJoe….

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