Gong Hey Fat Choy

Helga’s Post #69: A very Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends and followers!

BESTPIX China Celebrate The Lunar New Year Of The Horse

Image courtesy: Feng Li/Getty Images

The lunar year of the horse has started.

I was born in the lunar year of the horse. Of course I had to look up what it means. Writers are a little superstitious, after all. (To find your Chinese lunar zodiac sign, click here and enter your date of birth.)

According to the spirit of the horse in the Chinese zodiac, I make unremitting efforts to improve myself. I am supposed to be energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent and able (hold the chuckles, please). Furthermore, I am sharing with people born in the year of the horse some awesome strengths: Ingenious communicating techniques. In our community we always want to be in the limelight (Oh come on, now! That’s so not me). We are clever, kind to others, and like to join in a venture career. Although we sometimes talk too much, we are cheerful, perceptive, talented, earthy but stubborn. We like entertainment and large crowds. We are popular among friends, active at work and refuse to be reconciled to failure, although our endeavor cannot last indefinitely.

We horse people do however come with a few weaknesses too. We cannot bear too much constraint (truer words were never spoken). However our interest may be only superficial and lacking real substance (that sure explains all those rejection letters from agents and editors). We are usually impatient and hot-blooded about everything other than our daily work. We are independent and rarely listen to advice (What? My writer’s group friends surely disagree!). Failure may result in pessimism. We usually have strong endurance but with bad temper. Flamboyant by nature, we are wasteful since we are not good with matters of finance due to a lack of budgetary efficiency. Some of us who are born in the horse like to move in glamorous circles while pursuing high profile careers.  We tend to interfere in many things and frequently fail to finish projects of our own (now there is a prophecy come true).

Health: As we offend “Taisui”  this year, we may suffer some discomforts. Some insidious diseases like dermatosis may happen. To avoid that, we’d better have a full physical examination. Besides, we also need to be careful to avoid unexpected injuries by knives and others sharp items. (Very astute. I do a lot of chopping and dicing.)

So that’s it in a nutshell. What it tells me is that I better get my butt into gear and come up with a new novel concept real soon, while still finishing Dragon’s Blood. In case you want to know, it’s a quasi-scientific, with a hint of sci-fi, novel about a Chinese conspiracy to change the DNA of Western people for global control of the economy. (Apologies to our Chinese friends: It’s not personal, just business.)

Do make sure to feed your superstitious writer’s alter-ego and check out what animal you are in the Chinese zodiac. To end, here’s a visual treat that truly depicts this year’s lunar zodiac:


Photo courtesy: Kim Kyung-Hoon

5 thoughts on “Gong Hey Fat Choy

  1. I kind of avoided these Chinese signs for years after learning I’m a Rat. Yuk. However, I’m glad to find out that the Chinese apparently think more highly of rats than Westerners. I’m relieved to find out I’m clever and quick-witted, according to the website, with natural charm and powers of persuasion. However, there were also a few less flattering characteristics, including a penchant for promoting my own agenda, with a tendency to be kind of greedy. Overall, the Rat profile sounds like the perfect con artist. Or maybe politician?

  2. The zodiac for your sign is certainly right about your natural charm and powers of persuasion! And hey, a tendency to be kind of greedy can be a good thing once in a while. Thanks for commenting.

  3. I’m a monkey which also doesn’t sound bad really, except I have always felt more like a horse. According to astrology, this is my year to get published. In fact, the best month is March so I better get crackin’!

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