JustJoe and JustJake



Paula’s Post #62 – I’ve played too much airport roulette this week to  get off a proper post this morning, my apologies.  Instead, my day will inevitably be filled with such mundane working writer pursuits as dog haircuts, Costco run, cooking, cleaning, general contractor and playing ‘home travel agent’. But, not wanting to miss the chance to share an inspiring story with our loyal 5writer followers, I just had to post this inspiring story I saw on the CBS news last evening.

Honestly, JustJake? Seriously?

Remind you of anyone we know and love? This is for you JustJoe!

The Story of JustJake:

Jake Marcionette was just 12 years old when he started cold-calling literary agents hoping to land a deal to get his book published. Now, his story about the hardships of middle school life goes on sale this week, and he’s already at work on a sequel!


7 thoughts on “JustJoe and JustJake

  1. Paula, good for you getting a post out in the midst of your busy day. I can’t get the link to the story to open, maybe it’s just on my computer?


    Sent from my iPad

    • I uploaded the youtube video, hope it plays, let me know… oh… and remind you of anyone! FYI – read my update – he was 12 years old when he started to cold call publishers!!!

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