Snow job


Silk’s Post #74 β€” It’s dim in the house, the light coming exclusively from the windows. Grey light, a muted reflection of the cloud ceiling off the mounding snow. One dancing orange light in the room: the fire in the woodstove. Sound effects: snow bombs sliding from the bowed limbs of our forest, hitting the roof and deck in thuds with a floury explosion.

This is the best I can do by way of a post this week. We’ve been without power for a day and my iPad is down to 15 percent. I’m racing the clock, knowing I’ll be powerless at least until tomorrow.

Our wet coast late February surprise has intervened in normal life. (I’m down to 14 percent power now). Thwarted all my plans and put me even further behind than I already was. Left me unable to answer demands, with a kind of enforced free time on my hands.

What have I been doing with this gift? Writing long hand. Writing character sketches, scene ideas, story structure notes. With a pen. In a notebook.

Wow. What a concept. Thanks, Mother Nature!

(Down to 10 percent power).

8 thoughts on “Snow job

  1. I feel for you, Silk! We too had a few power interruptions here in West Van, and apparently more on the way. I can’t even make it down to the mailbox with all that heavy slippery snow. Makes me think I should feature Mother Nature as a main character in my novel. The antagonist, that is.

  2. I’ve called it an enforced opportunity for procrastination. We haven’t lost power, but the things I’d normally be doing outside on a late February weekend were put on indefinite hold. That frustrated me enough to turn against all the other things I *could* have been doing. Silly, isn’t it? I’ve unapologetically dallied my way through three snow days now, mostly writing, reading, drinking coffee and admiring the snow from inside. πŸ™‚

    • You’ve described the “snow hookey” phenomenon perfectly! I remember as a kid being thrilled at every weather innterruption to normal life (and school) — blizzards in winter and hurricanes in fall.

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