Don’t succumb to self-doubt

Karalee’s Post #68

Generally I feel positive about writing and getting to know my characters and creating a story that needs to be told. After all, like Silk put it, we are storytellers.

But truth be told, right now I’m struggling. I feel lost at the beginning, lost in the maze in the middle and can’t fathom getting to The End. Oh, I have down days and question the rational of following this passion that is sure to be padded with rewrites and rejections, but to be down for any length of time is unusual for me.

I know it’s a passing phase that I’m sure hits most writers on and off. My outline is quite good and I should be raring to go on my new story.

So what is the problem?

Self-doubt is creeping in. It has visited before and I can usually do my research and write through it. But with this story I am expecting more of my writing and I truly want to write an awesome story to support my awesome premise. 

That is taking me to the point where I’m questioning whether I know enough to write about this story I want to tell. I’m not savvy about politics or computers or how banks and the financial world works. How can I make my story believable?

I’m dealing with it by watching mystery and thriller movies and serials. Our family subscribed to Netflix over the Christmas holidays and for the first time I can watch shows ad nauseum at the push of a few remote control buttons. I have been pulled into viewing serial programs and I’m constantly digesting how the plots are set-up and the characters developed and change.

Oh, I’m sure this cloud of self-doubt will pass as I get back to writing. I allowed my routine to be interrupted during the Olympics and I’m taking a winter vacation with my husband next week for a couple of weeks so I’m dragging my tail in my writing productivity.

I will take the advice Joe gave a couple of months ago and RESET.



I will make a new To Do list and stick to it:

  1. After morning exercise, apply bum glue in readiness to meet writing goal.
  2. Write until my set productivity is met (scenes with a word minimum).
  3. Reapply bum glue until word count is met.
  4. Enjoy the process.


Research is huge for this story and I know that it can be done. I merely need to apply myself, and as my productivity sets in again, self-doubt will once more settle on the back burner and allow my creativity to reemerge.

Happy writing!



6 thoughts on “Don’t succumb to self-doubt

  1. Hang in there Karalee — you can do it! With the complex thriller you have in mind, I’d say you have a lot of reading to do … research research research! It will make your story authentic if you can confidently write about these spheres (especially politics). And don’t forget the news nets. The nice thing is you can switch between writing and research, which will keep things from getting tedious. Go for it!

  2. I echo Silk’s comments, Karalee. Writing a complex book is a daunting task, as I well know. I had to learn from scratch how nuclear weapons are produced, and where, and all sorts of things I had never heard of before. But you know what? I enjoyed the learning process. That’s the benefit of research – the learning part. Sure, it will take longer to finish your book, but it’s worth the extra time if you can tell a story that is more than entertainment; a story that also teaches your readers something they didn’t know. You’ll do it!

  3. Oh Karalee, I do so applaud your commitment to “apply yourself” but I’m compelled to tread where no when else dared: “bum glue”???? Seriously??? That word picture is just to weird… may I perhaps suggest velcro on the seat (and seat of pants) as an alternative!

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