Living with a writer? Beware!

Helga’s Post #74 — This is a post on the run, as I am just about to leave for a holiday in warmer, and more importantly, drier climes. Just as well, after yet another record rainfall on the Canadian west coast. Never mind rain, we also had SNOW. I know, I know, I won’t get much sympathy from our followers in the east, but snow at the end of March in Vancouver?

So I need a break.

Suitcases are packed, fridge and pantry cleared of things that can turn nasty during our absence, bills are paid, the bird feeder filled up again. Nothing else to do but get on the bus, and then on the Canada Line to the airport.

That was sort of a lengthy introduction that could have just been a short sentence:

‘Time Out!’

Sorry folks, I don’t have time to post today, nor should you expect one next week either.

I would however, like to leave you with a smile. Perhaps most of you have seen this lovely piece of advice to spouses and friends of writers. I am borrowing it from the excellent Writers Write website:

cea5e-writers_write_-_how_to_survive_a_relationship_with_a_writer-scaled1000Until my next post, happy writing to all and have a fabulous weekend. Don’t forget to hug your spouse, kids and dog, not necessarily in that order.

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