Write your vision with passion

Karalee’s Post #70

I spent the last two weeks in Mexico, one as a traveler and the other as a tourist. What’s the difference?

To me being a traveler is soaking up the culture in the place I’m visiting and envisioning what it would be like to live during a certain time in history, or living like the locals in the present time (or a combination of both) depending on the circumstances of my travels.

On the other hand when I’m in tourist mode I’m out to relax and mostly enjoy the weather and someone else’s cooking.


Both serve a purpose.



Visiting the Yucatán area in Mexico was amazing. As a traveler it struck me that in order to build the pyramids like those in Chichén Itzá and Uxmal, the Mayan leaders had to have had a huge vision,  tremendous organizational skills, incredible patience, and the belief that the end result was worth the effort.


Similar to writing a novel, right?





Of course, being entertained is also a must, and the Mayans played a game where the objective was to put a rubber ball through a hoop placed high up on a stone wall. The first team to get a goal survived. Literally.

The losers were beheaded.

Now that takes winning to a level worth writing about!


Like Helga said last week, there are stories in most things we see, and this week Silk reminded us that the rules of writing are not written in stone and can be successfully broken.


The key is to find a story you are passionate to write about.  Then your vision, organizational skills, and incredible patience will make the end result worth the effort.

Beyond a doubt, those Mayan leaders were passionate and had much to celebrate at the successful completion of their vision.

Happy writing!

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