How to write on vacation

Joe’s Post #90

Hell if I know.

legoland promoAll of our 5/5/5 group seem to have been having great adventures recently. But with great adventures come great challenges for a writer. I know I struggled to write the whole time.

But write I did. If you get a chance, please check out my blog and follow it. I desperately need followers if I’m to sell the concept of a new 50 year old parent.

However, here’s what I’ve learned.

1)     You absolutely have to have a supportive partner. I mean, hey, without them all the ideas below fail and fail utterly

IMG_37212)     Find time in 30 min blocks. That’s a half hour before bed, when you get up, on a plane, when the kids or the husband or the dog are otherwise occupied. Whatever. Just be aware, like a thief, you have to steal time.

3)     Ask permission. Need an extra half hour to write about that serial killer or cute dog or hot sex scene, you may you may be surprised how awesome how people in your life can be in helping you make that happen.

4)     Write notes if you can’t find that half hour. Ideas can get lost. At least at my age. A pen and paper can be your friend, again.

5)     Carry a laptop. Pretty obvious actually, but if you suddenly find a bit of longer free time, you can take advantage of it.

6)     It has to matter that you write. I concentrated on my adventures with the Prettiest-girl-in-the-world and her boys. It MATTERED that I write about it.

vancouver sunrise7)     Don’t stress if you can’t write, or can’t find the time. Some days will be like that. Sometimes you’ll be exhausted. It’s ok. Tomorrow’s another day.


Days Until Game of Thrones Starts: 3 (April 6th!) OMG super-nerdy-excited.

Days Until I Start My Next Novel in 5 Months: Date has been set. It’s April 14th. Mark it on your calendar.

Blogs Written This week: 35

Blogs Waiting To Be Posted: Oh so many. Please check them out here.

Queries out this week: 0 (On vacation)

Rejections for the last week: 0 (probably bad news)

Queries Still Out there: 5

Hope Meter: 50/100.  Up +10. Loving that I have a few more readers on my blog.

1 thought on “How to write on vacation

  1. April 14th—the day I began writing my first novel. Fond memories! (Well, except for the fact that I’m rebuilding it 5 years later….)

    For me, a pad of paper and pen definitely works better than my “texting” a memo for myself on my smart phone. It took several minutes to type a few sentences into my phone this morning—hardly an efficient use of time!

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