Writing detour

Moderator Post #1

EBCSAttention readers, attention.

Hey. Hi. How’s it going?

Looks like one of the writers has taken a writing detour. I hear he kinda likes to do that. So, for a next week or so, there will be links to his blog as he explores writing and traveling with kids and saving his sanity. In a perfect world, this notification would have come earlier, but he’s a sneaky bugger and fired off a barrage of posts before he was caught.

If it drives you nuts that he’s posting like his fingers are on fire, let us know. If it’s awesome stuff, check out his blog and follow it. If you want to kill him cuz it’s the worst thing you’ve ever read or you are sick of the spams, then, well, that’s ok, too, just follow him first.

The other writers will continue to post as their time allows. Then it’ll be back to your regular programming.

This has been a test of the emergency blogcast system. Had it been a real emergency, the Attention Signal you just heard would have been followed by official information, pictures of zombies and a list of places it’s now too late to visit.


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