How to write when you have no time

Joe’s Post #92 —

spoonsSpoons, baby, spoons.

It’s something I heard a lot about when my wife was trying to fight cancer. It’s basically how much energy or time you have. On some days, she’d have a lot of spoons. A spoonful could be eat breakfast. Another might be Go for a 15 minute walk. I’ve heard people with Lupus use this as well.

For me it’s about time as much as energy. In About A Boy, the protagonist measures his life in 30 minute units. It’s a funny-ass book, but one that rings so true to me know.

With my new life, I have to find a spoon here and there, 30 minutes taken from something to be able to write.

If I assume a spoon is 30 minutes of time, I need to grab about 6 to able to do my blogs. I’m getting faster at doing them, finding pictures for them, solving problems that crop up and, of course, writing them. Practice may not make perfect, but it does make you faster.

Eye_of_CthulhuSo, today, wrote one blog while eating. That’s an easy multitask. I’ll give up a long walk since it’s raining like hell. That’s an easy one. That gives me about 4 spoons. I’ll be with the boys tonight so I’ll not play a game with them and get the last blog done. That should about do it.

Is my day any worse? No. I may be a bit fatter. I may miss a cool boss fight with the boys, but I’ll get my writing done. It’s all doable.

But now, what about the other things? Queries. Each one takes about 20 min, more if I have to research the writers they represent so I can say, yeah, so like I write like Shakespeare who you represent. Say 3 in an hour or 2 spoons. Learn more about social media. Say 2 spoons. Write new novel. A good 4 spoons a day. So, that’s 8 spoons or about 4 hours.

Now how the heck am I supposed to do that and get the house ready for sale, spend quality time with the boys and the Prettiest-girl-in-the-world, watch Game of Thrones, email everyone, exercise, look for a house, laundry, dishes, and research and being with friends and…

First… TV that’s crap. So, so long Survivor. Goodbye Will Ferrell movies on PVR. Adios Frontline news shows.

Then… sleep. No more sleeping 10 hours a day. 8. That’s all I can afford, (which is actually all I need). No more lying in bed. Up and attem!

It’s not like this is a tough life. It’s not. But it’s a matter of moving some things around, find a way to multitask when I can, and give up the things that are less important than me writing.

It’s what needs to be done.

Here are my latest blogs. At least one is pretty good. None have any nudity.

Traveling With Kids


How much I think Game Of Thrones Rocks: A billion times. And if you haven’t checked this out, please do… (spoiler alert) GOT Honest Trailer

Pages Written on New Novel: 0

Outline Complete: 60% (might be 62%) I’ll get the tires kicked on it then start.

Blogs Written This Week: Lots and lots.

Queries Out this Week: 0 (only so much time)

Rejections for the Last Week: 0 (has to be bad news. I may need to move the 5 out there to 5 rejections)

Queries Still Out There: 5

How Much I Agree With Karalee’s last post: 100%  Hey look at CSI, that’s full of so much wrong stuff (I mean, seriously, lab techs doing interviews, chasing down bad guys, having perfect hair, it’s all crap.)

Hope Meter: 70/100.  Holding steady. No longer posting her on a daily basis, though.

1 thought on “How to write when you have no time

  1. Love the spoons concept. It’s really a great way to visualize how you can work writing into your life, day by day, half-hour by half-hour. Thanks!

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