Masked emotions

Karalee’s Post #73

Last week I visited the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver with my family. Exhibits from cultures around the world filled every room and it struck me that most cultures had ceremonial masks as part of their celebrations.

It also struck me that a multitude of emotions were expressed through this medium. Everyday life is research for a writer and I started snapping pictures as references for describing emotions in my writing.

I’ve included a few pictures and hope you have fun deciding what emotion is being depicted in each. You may want to take a few moments to reflect on what different facial expressions lead you to draw your conclusions.

Who knows, something in one of them may inspire you!
















































Happy writing!



7 thoughts on “Masked emotions

  1. I love the Museum of Anthropology. And masks. Don and I went to a private mask museum in Mexico. The owner had collected masks from many of the indigenous dances of Mexico – completely fascinating.

    • It’s interesting that many cultures seek out a mask as a means of expression. I like how Silk said that masks both hide and reveal. So true!

  2. You’re on to something big here Karalee — masks are fascinating at so many levels. They hide things, and they reveal things (just like people’s real faces). Love some of these examples!

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