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Paula’s Post #72 – So, this will be an uber short post this evening. Sorry, but it has been a long day, in a long week in a very long month in an oh so long year.

Today was ‘Moving Day’ at my house. Moving-in day at our ‘not-quite-finished-being-renovated’ home in the picturesque coastal town of Gibsons Landing, British Columbia. Almost 9 months ago, way back in August, we sold our home in West Vancouver and waved good-bye as the moving truck pulled down the driveway.

At the time, we had no idea where we’d be moving next. Almost everything we owned just went into storage!

But like many a good story, this saga too has a happy ending, and after months of upheaval, we are ready to settle into our new home.

With a jumble of a hundred or so still packed boxes filling the garage, there is much to do before we are ‘settled’, but already we are content. We’ve met new neighbours, caught up with old friends and are looking forward to welcoming more friends, old and new, into our new home.

In future, I hope to once again have a chair, a desk and a ‘writer’s room’ – the lack of which has severely vexed me these past 9 months.

But, all of that is still a dream a vision on a distant horizon, because for the next few weeks, (months?) we will be unpacking and unpacking and unpacking, trying to make some semblance  of order from chaos.

So, not much time for a ‘real’ post today. So rather than not post at all, I thought I’d post not only my little ‘news flash’ about our move, but also some ‘literary news’, together with a question?

Where do you like to get your ‘news’ about authors, books, book deals, writing and all things literary?

My usual source is the New York Times, but from time to time I’ve also consulted and found several interesting articles by combing through everything from the predictable (Publishers Weekly) to the  arcane

Publishers’ Weekly:

Where you can check out a list of the best summer reads of 2014

The New York Times:

Where you can read of the life and death of legendary Canadian author Farley Mowat.

The Guardian:

Where I found a fascinating article on a special inscribed book given by Oscar Wilde to his gaoler.

The Huffington Post:

Where I discovered Dracula’s Castle is for Sale.

WaterisLife is developing a ‘Drinkable Book, that not only will teach water safety, but also can be used to actually treat drinking water to make it safe. Each page can be torn out and used as a filter. The book’s pages are coated in a bacteria killing substance that kills the bacteria that cause E.coli, typhoid and other diseases.

How cool is that?

Oh, and one more cool thing? I hate to admit it, but I suspect we writers can get a lot more accomplished without internet. Before my internet provider showed up earlier this week, I found my self trapped in our empty new home with no TV, no radio and no Wi Fi. I did, however, still have electricity and a laptop.

Pages written this week: 20






12 thoughts on “My news… and some book news

  1. Paula, so glad to hear you’ve moved and are settled. Get the guest bedroom ready. I’m on my way already. Will be there about 4pm. Just had to, had to. That you are writing this blog, already, is impressive.

    • Great!
      We are away in June, but in town from July onward into November at least. Looking forward to catching up with all our 5writer followers.

      Thanks for all the encouragement!

  2. You have my sympathy… or maybe that’s empathy! After more moves than I can count on my fingers, we’ve finally been content in our present location for seventeen years, but the basement *still* has boxes that have never been unpacked. Last summer not one, but two of our out-of-town married children faced moves, and we went to help. A whole summer of packing and unpacking boxes, with a little babysitting thrown in! It reminded me of how much I don’t want to move again.

    BTW, congrats on the twenty pages. I get a lot more accomplished when I avoid the internet, too. LOL!

    • We’ve moved a bit ourself. At least the unpacking isn’t as bad as packing… and after nine months, a bit like a birthday or Christmas, discovering some of the lovely things you didn’t know you had… then of course, there is also the downside of discovering boxes full of things with no place to go…. (and that the kids never want when they move out on their own… they always want to go to IKEA!

      I think my next post may be on ‘Ferry Dust’… I’m starting to discover how delightful it is to have 40 minutes to sit back, de-stress and edit a few manuscript pages.

  3. I can see a rejuvenated writing career on the horizon. Can’t imagine a more perfect setting than a cottage on Gibsons’ waterfront! Congrats and enjoy, Paula!

    • Thanks Helga – after months and months of ‘treading water’ I can now feel my head starting to bob above the surface… but much work to do before I start ‘swimming’ laps.

  4. Paula, I’ve started to rely on Twitter as a sort of ‘clearing house’ for lit/pub news. I get a short ‘headline’ in a tweet and then I can click to read more if I’m interested in doing so. I’ve chosen to follow the media that usually reports these things, so it works out for me. I dive in to scan tweets when I have a little time. It can be a little like down the rabbit hole, though, so I have to sometimes call myself back to the here and now. Thanks for your post in the midst of it all.

  5. I like my Twitter feed, too, but I’ve got mine all mixed up in a jumble with real estate stuff, sports books, writing – but then again, I guess everyone’s is likely that way! Thank you so much for following the 5writers and leaving comments – we love that! You can find me on twitter name is @paulathird

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